Childhood undoubtedly is the golden age of life. The credit goes to parents and guardians, who ensure the best for their little ones. A child is believed to have the purest soul amongst all. Playing, exploring, learning and sleeping carefree can sum up the entire childhood period. However, kids don’t love being kids anymore. The rate of children partaking in adult activities is at its all-time high. It was not long ago when childhood was considered parallel to innocence, kinship had the upper hand and there was little place for lust and sexuality.

Loss of Childhood
Today, the desire to become an adult with premature sexual knowledge is common among teens. The concept of childhood is being literally wiped out. If someone happens to notice a normal conversation between two teens, the importance of sex is constantly being highlighted there. Even in a group, the one who has tried “adult-thing” (alcohol, drugs and sex) is considered to be the unofficial leader. Knowledge of sex undoubtedly is important part of growing up and the fact that parents should be more open about it is true. But is 11, 12 or 13 the right age? Children today are having sex as early as 11 and 12. Teen pregnancies and abortion is increasingly on the rise. Today, being in a relationship is considered more important than having a true friend. Similarly, a boy/girl might hate the taste of alcohol in the first instance, but pretends to love it, as drinking has become a norm.

When Did this “Evolution” Happen?
With advancement in technology, internet became more familiar to mankind. In most families however, it is the child who is considered as the tech-guru of the family. The truth that every search can be wiped out without being caught accompanied by unlimited access to internet introduced pornography way too early for the tech-gurus. It plays the biggest role in this transformation. But it’s not the only factor. There has been a spike in sexual content on and off screens, be it movies, T.V., where some commercials now have that element of sex, online series or songs. Social media through memes and vines has played a significant part as well. Gone are the times when there used to be family comedy. Today, even the simplest of joke is related to sex. With easier access to messaging apps, increasing number of sexual messages are being transmitted online. Sexual images and texts are common and emerging aspect of a natural adolescent. Children learn from their parents and are their reflection. Today, with increasing cases of divorce and adultery, children think it’s common to have sex. On the other hand, many parents believe that their children have appropriate knowledge about what to surf, post and reveal. But the reality lies far away.

Sex is in fact not the problem. The consequence thenceforth is. Most people think of it as a one time activity, but before they know they are addicted. If a girl gets pregnant before 18, it is a rare possibility that she will be allowed to raise her child, atleast not in many Indian societies. Humans today are not emotionally strong either. The idea of dropping a child or sexual messages between two being transmitted to a third party or loss of reputation in the society, can have life-long psychological and emotional impact. It brings anxiety, insomnia, stress, and depression in life. Even if a child is not dropped, the relationships rarely continue. Kids of those 16 years old girl long for a dad. The family may break their contact and the possibility of falling in a legal issues often reduces openness and communication. This subject is highly influenced by assumptions on what is good or bad and therefore it is also difficult for a third person to be helpful.

Possible Solutions
Children are rarely open to their parents. But why is this so? Lack of appropriate sexual education comes into play here. It’s not only the children but some parents too rarely talk about sex. If parents don’t interact with their children, the only official source of information is a chapter or two in Biology. Therefore a major portion of information comes in a private manner through a friend or sibling, whose source is their friend or a sibling, as a result it is believed as a thing to be kept private. The time when one understands that it can actually be discussed is often too late. In order to solve this, sex education and the need of parents to have “the talk” with their children is very important. Parents need to create an easily approachable environment where there little ones can share their inner self. This will result in right attitudes, ethics and moral values. Policy makers should involve interventions on parts of parents to identify and reduce negative content online for their child’s well-being and development.

Punishment today for a child is switching off the Wi-Fi. It is very important to overcome this age. Children need to move out of their shells and explore new things. Decisions should be made more sensibly. Anything should be done on personal desire and not on FOMO. It’s not fundamentally wrong to have sex at an early age. But marriage and sex is permitted after a particular age because we are not physically and emotionally prepared to raise a child before that. Why don’t we enjoy our childhood and its strangeness as it is meant to be and keep “adult-things” for when we actually become an adult? Why destroy the teen age which will never come back. You can become an adult during your childhood, but you can never become a child once you are an adult. The glass half full is better than the glass half empty despite being the same. Cherish Your Childhood!

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