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Is Fertility Business the New Boom in the World?

An International Committee monitoring progress in assisted reproduction reported that, there are more than 8 million babies born to the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) technique and other advance fertility treatments. This remarkable achievement is just after forty years since, the world’s first test tube baby was born. If this is such a remarkable technique this surely forms a case to learn more about it. So, let’s go in greater detail.

The Need to Count Women’s Contribution to GDP

Women in our country are marginalised, humiliated, sidelined and kept away from all sources of power and freedom. They are denied the right to higher education as the parents themselves believe that they are destined to end up in the kitchen. In some cases, they are even compelled to marry in their childhood, are forced to maternity and thereby suffer poor health conditions. Women toil the whole day long still they aren’t paid well. Also, they’re not even given opportunities to work in top jobs!

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