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The Strait of Hormuz: The Lifeline of the World Economy

The Strait of Hormuz is a 33km wide strait, with the Northern part controlled by Iran and the Southern by Oman and UAE, who jointly share the territorial rights over the waters. A former Iranian Prime Minister termed it as the Jugular of the World Economy. Let’s discuss how this narrow shipping route in the Gulf region is of strategic importance and center at rising tensions to chock the world economy.

Why is the U.S. funding Pakistan for so many years ?

“No more funding to Pakistan” – was the US President Donald Trump’s first tweet on New Year’s Day, which clearly sets the priority of US to fightback terrorism and to support India in all stance to counter terrorism. He did highlight the fact that almost 33 billion dollars were given away during the last 15 years in return for nothing but lies and decent. But the question emerges is that why was the US, a country thousands of miles away funding Pakistan for all these years and what changed?

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