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Impact of Artificial Organs on Healthcare industry

An organ is a group of tissues doing the same function and are most commonly found in plant and animal life. An artificial organ is a human made organ device or tissue that is implanted into a human interfacing with living tissue in order to replace a natural organ, to duplicate a specific function or functions so the patient may live healthily.

BioTechnology – The Pillar of Tomorrow

Change is famously claimed to be the only constant in human life. And, it is only because of this ‘change’ ushered in by the biotechnology sector today owing to which the entire face of the global economy is transforming. Humans have been harnessing the strategic use of biological processes for over 10,000 years now for some purpose or the other, but all ultimately aim at improving the quality of life. However, it was in the late 1960s and 70s that the use of molecular and cellular technology in scientific agriculture and fermentation gave birth to a concept that was destined to be the pillar of emerging economies in later years- biotechnology.

Eco-Technology- Making Society Work for Nature

Out and About

Environmental problems have arisen primarily because of inappropriate decisions and a lack of understanding of the impact of these decisions upon the environment. An integrated process was required to build value relation between humans and their surroundings. Ecological engineering or eco-technology is an example of such an integrated approach. Though it sounds somewhat science fiction, eco-technology is a very real option and modern. It operates within the borders of the ecosystem rather than flouting or disregarding or overcoming or overpowering it.

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