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What has Commercialisation done to the Sports Industry?


In the late ’90s, it used to be a dream of every young cricket enthusiast to own an MRF bat before any of their peers can have it, as their very favorite Sachin Dada and Viru were their brand ambassadors. Seeing their treasured cricketers promoting the brand won the trust and heart of the budding sportsmen. Those were the sports branding days with which we all have grown up but now this business has taken new heights. It has become an entire industry which has given an alternative source of career to the sportsperson.

Cricket, Corruption and Control

The recently concluded Cricket World Cup 2019 was not at all an ordinary event among cricket fans around the globe. The gigantism of cricket as a sport is not something unknown to even those who don’t follow it. The last time India met Pakistan at the World Cup, over 1 billion people tuned in, which equates in viewership to 9 Superbowls, or 52 Game Of Thrones finales. The fact itself is enough to get an idea about the enormity of the sport.

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