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COVID-19: A chance for robotics industry to flourish?

John F. Kennedy quoted, “The Chinese use two brush strokes to write the word ‘crisis’. One brush stroke stands for danger; the other for opportunity. In a crisis, be aware of the danger but recognise the opportunity”. Like it is said in the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunities! As the world continues to fight with the deadly Coronavirus, all the industries are seen suffering with huge losses due to the pandemic. This has pushed the world into a catastrophic situation today however, in some industries, that’s leading to an automation boom!

According to experts the crisis isn’t just accelerating the transition to automation, it will also boost investments powering that change. There is a lay view that automation might slow because the technology is expensive and firms would be hesitant to make capital investments in a crisis. That’s wrong. Economic literature over the last decade shows that these investments are made especially during a crisis.

Robot Teachers : A thing to look out for in the coming years?

“Alexa, explain what the continuum hypothesis proposed by Georg Cantor is”

Imagine sitting in the luxury of your house and having a disembodied, emotionless voice explain to you the concept that a set of real numbers between 1 and 0 is much larger than a set of natural numbers up to infinity. Being able to sip your favourite coffee while going through multiple assumptions to prove someone else’s assumptions is certainly not a luxury that classrooms can afford but we live in a digital age – this is a vision not far from fulfilment. But is it an entirely ideal

Will robots take over human race?

Haven’t we all loved watching the cartoon series Richie Rich as a child, can you recall Irona, Richie’s robot maid ? Irona used to do all the household chores and at a very fast speed compared to that of any other human. Didn’t we all feel, well how lucky Richie is to have Irona to do all the work for him, but think about the reality, in our lives, we too are so dependent upon Artificial Intelligence and Machines.

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