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The Strait of Hormuz: The Lifeline of the World Economy

The Strait of Hormuz is a 33km wide strait, with the Northern part controlled by Iran and the Southern by Oman and UAE, who jointly share the territorial rights over the waters. A former Iranian Prime Minister termed it as the Jugular of the World Economy. Let’s discuss how this narrow shipping route in the Gulf region is of strategic importance and center at rising tensions to chock the world economy.

Kurds vs the Turks- Who’s got the upper hand?

One of the most disastrous and long-stretched battles going in the Middle-east is the Turks vs the Kurds. The Turks represent the republic of Turkey and the Kurds represent the Kurdish insurgent groups which from 15% to 20% of the population. It’s predominantly fought in the East and Southeast Turkey with spillovers in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria.

Is it time for India to Look West?

India has been a major contender in world politics and has been involved in affairs all around the world. The prime minister of our country, Narendra Modi, has often been mocked on his absence from his own country and more often being involved in some foreign tour. But little it is realised that this is not done to enjoy some foreign trip rather to improve the relations of India with other foreign countries on strategic, political and economic grounds which recently has started to show its positive results. The link west policy has been on the incumbent government’s manifesto as one of the top priorities.

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