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Financial Inclusion in India

‘I want to start a new business, I guess I will borrow money from my uncle who lives in the next village’, is a statement that is said very often in our country and highlights a problem that needs immediate attention. If you still don’t understand the issue we are talking about, its Financial Exclusiveness in India.

Does AI play a role in Reducing Financial Frauds?

Financial fraud occurs when a person intentionally takes valuable assets or money from another person via deception or criminal activity, for the purpose of personal gain. There can be various types of frauds wherein the innocent investors are befooled. For example: Ponzi schemes which guarantee high returns for fixed term investments, but rather they are not invested at all. Identity frauds, where someone impersonates you and gains your personal information to steal, or phishing where innocent bank customers divulge their personal details to a mail which they perceive has been sent from an authorized institution. There has also been a sharp rise in credit card frauds like skimming, wherein fraudsters swipe the card through a “wedge”, which records all the information on the magnetic strip; or they counterfeit cards.

The Bond Market in India – An overview

The Bond Market in India, with the advent of liberalization, has been transformed completely. The opening up of the financial market at present has influenced several foreign investors holding up to 30% of the financials in the form of fixed income to invest in the bond market in India. The bond market in India presently has diversified to a large extent and that is a huge contributor to the stable growth of the economy. The bond market has immense potential today in raising funds to support the infrastructural development undertaken by the government and expansion plans of the companies. It is about this market that I emphasize in my article.

Was it actually the subprime crises that led to the Global Financial Crises?

What are the first images that come to your mind when you hear about the Global Financial Crises? Probably you would visualise people roaming around the streets unemployed, financial institutions destroyed and people in queues demanding their money back. If you have a little knowledge about this you might also see a house wrapped around in a bubble just about to fall. To put forward a further question, I ask you what caused the Financial Crises?

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