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Is India prepared for the Electric Vehicle Boom?

From horses to carts, from bicycles to fuel-run cars; time and again the transportation sector has had massive waves of innovation and transformation change its face. Standing at the cusp of yet another disruption, the industry awaits the EV-olution with open arms. Cited as a game-changer by some, but, a dream too far-fetched by others, the viability of e-mobility solutions continues to raise many eyebrows. Read on as we discover whether this new disruption could really be as feasible as its proponents promise it to be.

Time to again look upto Surya for ‘Power’

‘Surya’ has always been of immense significance as per Indian Vedic text, from being the controller of all nine planets to being promulgator of life on earth. Evidently, it’s been the Suryavanshis around which the story of the most popular hindu text, the Ramayana revolves. Even in the Harappan times we find the mention of Vinyasa yoga technique called Surya Namaskar that aims to draw energy and positivity from sunlight.

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