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From Riches to Rags – The abysmal state of the Automobile Sector

30 years ago when my family bought a car, it was one of the proudest moments then as owning a car at that time was a luxury. People used to visit the automobile dealers to see the 4 wheeler contraption. But now the situation is the opposite. Car dealers are empty-handed suffering huge losses. It is not because owning a car has become an ordinary thing. It is because of the crisis that the automobile sector in our country is facing right now.

Not all stories end on a happy note: A self narrated story of Reliance Communication

Born in the family of Ambanis, under the vision of a pioneer like Dhirubhai Ambani who had built the empire from scratch, I naturally had the bars set high for myself. I was a minuscule part of this humongous business entity that had become a darling of investors and apparently had the power to change leaders of the nation. The person who conceived me in his mind passed away even before seeing me grow in July 2002. But he passed on me as his dream to his two sons who were usually called Ram-Lakshman of the corporate world.

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