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China’s strategy to be the World Leader!!

There are always leaders and followers and one bitter truth that the world has always witnessed is that in this system there are superpowers that act as the leaders of the globe. The 19th century saw the rule of the Grand Britain Empire. The 20th century witnessed the advent of the two mighty superpowers of Soviet Union and the USA. After the breakdown of Soviet Union though there has been just one world leader that is the US. However, in the last 5 years we have seen US taking a back step from its responsibilities of the leader to helping its own economy. So the world asks in unison what next? Does this uncertainty along with the global slowdown in the economy indicate the emergence of a new superpower? If yes, then who do you think could it be!

The rationale behind the use of Dollar everywhere

Have you ever wondered that why Dollar is considered as a global currency and why not others? Or how has Dollar emerged as the leader in the world over other nations? Still wondering…but no more. Let’s look into the facts and the rationale behind the use of dollar everywhere.

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