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Cryptocurrency – An alternative to conventional currency

Money has taken many different forms from ancient times, evolving from stones to metals to currency notes. But, did you ever think that technology would overpower physical banknotes and form a currency that can be used as any other currency? CRYPTOCURRENCY has made this possible!

Should there be a blanket ban of cryptocurrency in India?

A government official stated that ​“Cryptocurrency is a ‘Ponzi- scheme’ and should be banned to protect the interest of investors.” The news has been flooded with controversies upon should private cryptocurrency be allowed in India or not. So why is this ban on cryptocurrency being such a huge issue?

Bitcoin Mining Hazardous

Is Bitcoin Mining Hazardous – Reasons for Refuting!

Cryptocurrencies took the world by a storm at the end of 2017 when Bitcoin hit its all-time high price of $20,000. From hitting $5,000 a Bitcoin point in September 2017, the cryptocurrency made news across the world. But all has not been well since then. There have been speculations regarding Bitcoin mining being Hazardous.

But first, let’s back up a little bit.

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