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Self-driving cars – Analysing the repercussions in the labour market

Increased safety, reduced travel time, fewer emissions, and artificial intelligence! All these are just a few of the exciting features of the driverless vehicle’s future. Soon your car will be able to drive itself faster and safer, while you relax in the seat! Shocking right? The autonomous driving of a vehicle to a specific target in real traffic without the intervention of a human driver is just insane.

From Riches to Rags – The abysmal state of the Automobile Sector

30 years ago when my family bought a car, it was one of the proudest moments then as owning a car at that time was a luxury. People used to visit the automobile dealers to see the 4 wheeler contraption. But now the situation is the opposite. Car dealers are empty-handed suffering huge losses. It is not because owning a car has become an ordinary thing. It is because of the crisis that the automobile sector in our country is facing right now.

Is India prepared for the Electric Vehicle Boom?

From horses to carts, from bicycles to fuel-run cars; time and again the transportation sector has had massive waves of innovation and transformation change its face. Standing at the cusp of yet another disruption, the industry awaits the EV-olution with open arms. Cited as a game-changer by some, but, a dream too far-fetched by others, the viability of e-mobility solutions continues to raise many eyebrows. Read on as we discover whether this new disruption could really be as feasible as its proponents promise it to be.

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