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Impact of Artificial Organs on Healthcare industry

An organ is a group of tissues doing the same function and are most commonly found in plant and animal life. An artificial organ is a human made organ device or tissue that is implanted into a human interfacing with living tissue in order to replace a natural organ, to duplicate a specific function or functions so the patient may live healthily.

Does AI play a role in Reducing Financial Frauds?

Financial fraud occurs when a person intentionally takes valuable assets or money from another person via deception or criminal activity, for the purpose of personal gain. There can be various types of frauds wherein the innocent investors are befooled. For example: Ponzi schemes which guarantee high returns for fixed term investments, but rather they are not invested at all. Identity frauds, where someone impersonates you and gains your personal information to steal, or phishing where innocent bank customers divulge their personal details to a mail which they perceive has been sent from an authorized institution. There has also been a sharp rise in credit card frauds like skimming, wherein fraudsters swipe the card through a “wedge”, which records all the information on the magnetic strip; or they counterfeit cards.

Artificial Intelligence: Strengthening the Next Gen Economies

The year is 2040. As I enter the “Honda Showroom” to buy my third bike, I encounter “Alexa” at the receiving end. “Welcome to Honda”, Alexa greets in her mechanical voice.
It takes her a second to analyse my face image through the facial recognition system fitted in her metallic eyes. Within few moments of studying my interests, my past buying trends, my web search history, etc. through the intelligent Big Data Analytics software, I was shown the most relevant options I was exactly having in mind the moment I visited the showroom.
Having bought the latest Honda “GenX 250” model, I left the showroom with my latest purchase automatically becoming a part of the dataset of Alexa’s smart software.

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