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The Musical Universe

It is only in the contemporary times that we differentiate between the fields of science and arts, but history shows us that there is a deep connection between the two and the universe is the proof for it.

Maths and music are related it’s evident as music includes vibrations, pitch, amplitude which is a certain mathematical sequence to form a melody. But have you ever wondered what does those celestial bodies, or for that matter earth sounds like? The universe doesn’t seem to be loud, there is a whole lot of silence then how can we hear the music?

Scope of improvement In Oscars

“And the Oscar goes to….” Everyone who is involved in filmmaking in any capacity dreams of hearing his/her name after this sentence. That is because winning an Oscar (Academy Awards) is enough to catapult one into the heavens of superstardom and prestige. Such is the kind of influence this ceremony has. Oscars 2019 was the 91st edition of an award show which began as a humble 15-minute ceremony in 1929. Little did the originators of this award show know that, in the coming decades, it would morph into a source of outstanding validation for actors, directors, cinematographers, music composers, etc. Every year, the world watches in awe as their favorite actors, actresses, and films gain a much-deserved pat on the back for their quality and skill. However, despite the overwhelming popularity of Oscars, it still has some major problems which need to be rectified.

The journey from cassettes to online streaming

It’s a lovely evening and a soft summer breeze is flowing through the open spaces of a quaint little house. The last rays of the sun have withdrawn themselves from the grilled window, though, leaving behind their essence in the room. On the table is an old fashioned telephone that seldom rings and by it is a small radio playing. An old man sits on his chair, with a cup of tea in his hand as the vocals of “Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein Khayal Aata Hai” fill up the air. When it stops, he takes out the cassette tape, rewinds it with a pencil and listens to it all over again. This is the era through which our parents and their parents have lived.

Leonardo and his Mona Lisa

“The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding”, said by the great man himself, Leonardo Da Vinci, till day is widely considered as the greatest painter of all time and his masterstroke, the Mona Lisa is recognized as the best piece of artwork ever created. Even though almost everyone has heard of the two, not many know about the details of the masterpiece created and even fewer know about the creator. This article will try to walk you through the brilliance of the creator and his marvellous creation.

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