Today plants are seen as quintessential of home decor, a token of the gift, and companionship for tackling loneliness just like pets. Young professionals consider plants as a means to relieve stress and reconnect. After a long working time on screen, they love to take care of plants in their garden and relax. Millionaires invest in bungalows and suffuse it with lively plants for the sake of handling different problems such as purifying the air or expelling the insects. In this era almost everything concomitant to human’s needs and consumption has come aboard the online platforms now it’s the turn of the plants to secure its place in this digital world. Hence, we have an online plant nursery as a splendid combination of ease of purchase and detailed information about plants.

There was a time when people had to visit their nearby nurseries to buy their preferred plant, hoarding it to and out of the car, muddying it with soil heavy earthen pots, and then bearing the burden of cleaning the mess. Or one just has to wait for mali cycling past the house with limited stocks of plants where we had no option than to get plants for your home.

Pandemic catalyzed online plant nursery business because in lockdown many people have spent their time at home gardening, ordering, and getting their favored plants at their doorstep. From seeds and saplings to fertilizers, online nurseries offer everything needed to get the green patch started.

Is that the consumers’ predilections aren’t considered in Online Plant Nursery? From terrariums to miniature gardens, online plant stores sell indoor and outdoor plants as well as garden accessories, pots, fertilizers, pebbles. Different online platforms such as Amazon and Flipkart categorize the consumers’ preferences into the price range, preferred color, etc. Similarly, Online Plant Nursery provides a wide selection of indigenous and exotic varieties of plants and seeds that can be added to digital shopping carts and can be purchased whenever desired as per one’s convenience. To simplify the research, one can just put the botanic name because a common name would show different plants in different parts of the country. Foreign plants of exceptional quality are also better available at e-store in an analogy of localized nurseries.

 Not only metro city people engage themselves in this green trend but we see the upper hand of 2-3 tier cities too. Mainstream e-retailers -Snapdeal, Pepperfry, etc are also not missing up on the opportunity of adding another category to their funding rich inventories and have started stocking a modest range of plants.

Are you worried whether no salesperson would be there to answer your questions? Online plant nursery offers modus operandi such as live chat, email, or customer service to contact the seller for any information. It also provides gardening tips – a plethora of how a particular plant to have cared. Since the physical nursery sellers are not educated enough to satisfy all customers’ queries, online plant nursery provides detailed information of all the products and also aid in brand comparison. Additionally, customers enjoy the benefits of several selling schemes such as an e-commerce model of return, survival assurance for the plant, or a guaranteed replacement. Online plant nursery assists in making appropriate selection of the plant and determines when one should plant in different seasons in the case of precariousness. Working people cannot afford to devote their working time to visiting the nurseries at the time when they are open hence they prefer to buy online as per their convenience. Sources from where plants are purchased are vital scrutiny because buying from poorly maintained nursery could open the gates for infected plants to come in and pollute the remaining ones. Thereby buying online allows customers to purchase from the most virtuous suppliers especially for those who are shopping for the very first time.

Referred to The Economic Times Article dated 21/10/2019.

This article has been written by Pranjal Ritolia studying B.Com. Honours from Shri Ram College of Commerce.

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