Welcome to The Connectere’s Internship test ! This test will begin right after you have filled your contact information. So be ready to attempt the test. Before you begin, we recommend you have a look on the site and read some of our articles.

There is a time limit of 45 minutes for the test, following which the test will get auto-submitted. The test contains 15 questions which are multiple choice, fill in the blanks and open-ended subjective questions. They will be presented to you randomly.
One question will be displayed at a time. You can cycle through the questions by clicking on the next or previous button to be taken to the next or previous question respectively. At the end of the 15th question, the submit button will appear.
After you click the submit button, you cannot change or review the answers you’ve marked. So make sure you have cross checked your answers.

You can only attempt this test once. Make sure you are attempting it on a laptop/desktop computer.

All the best to you !

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