The validation of a good leader depends not on his/her fame but on how they strategize to hold the people together in times of crisis and lead them through a path of Pro-Activeness. And this is something which makes them influential eventually. In recent days, Women Leaders around the globe have been applauded for their approach in combating and tackling the Covid-19 pandemic and controlling its spread and the death rates. These women leaders’ tackling the Covid-19 crisis at hand is making ripples around the world.

While there are external factors like the population density and the exposure of civilians to international travel, travelers, etc. it’s only the role of the policy adopted by the leaders that can bring in a responsive change in the spread of the virus. There have been instances of gender comparison of leaders in handling this issue, but at the end of the day what matters is the strategy which the country adopts. The fact there are women-led countries like Belgium as well, where the number of cases is increasing drastically proves that there are exceptions to the popular examples stated outside.

The leaders of Germany, Iceland, New Zealand, Finland, Sint Marten, and San Francisco, these women leaders from around the world:  have a major credit for such headlines hitting the news, and let’s see how they responded to this Covid-19 induced crisis. Let’s have a look at how few women-led countries around the world are tackling this Covid-19 pandemic.

With Angela Merkel, a person with a science background herself who can understand how science works and its intricacies, as its Chancellor, Germany has made it a battle of wits when it comes to handling this global pandemic. The fact that Merkel would be ending her political career in the year 2021, clearly points out that the remarkable measures taken by her don’t carry any vested political interests along with it but rather shows her concern for the nation setting a role model for various other countries which now look up to Germany where it usually looks up to UK, U.S.A. She took up the issue quite earlier than other countries controlling the spread rate of the virus thus building up her credibility which was affected due to the “open door” refugee policy. This is definitely a good take for Angela Merkel in terms of world politics taking into account Germany will be taking over the presidency of the EU Council next July. Thanks to the advanced state of technology in Germany, they are able to bring out the results of the test within just 2.5hours which is now adopted by the WHO worldwide. This has also enabled their testing efficiency which further helps them to prevent the spread. Where Britain is testing only about 10,000 cases per week, Germany is testing about 1, 60,000 thus making it one of the efficient countries in Europe in battling the novel Corona Virus even with its huge population.

Led by Ms.Katrin Jakobsdottir, the country has a relatively smaller population than other European Countries afflicted with this pandemic.  Iceland being a country where public health is of utmost concern for the government, made the health-risk insurance all the more effective and all kinds of treatment related to the pandemic free of cost which made the citizens test for the virus voluntarily. 10% of the population is already tested with not more than 20 deaths and the country has also launched a tracking app that is not compulsory and comes with strong protection of privacy as well.

New Zealand:
Headed by Ms. Jacinda Ardern, this densely populated country hasn’t faced more than 12 deaths so far owing to the lockdown which was implemented way earlier than others from the beginning of March with a Level- 4 Lockdown which has stricter restrictions. Jacinda is quite unique from other leaders worldwide in a way that she has been able to empathize with the population and with their problems as her own during this deadly crisis. Through her effective communication with the citizens, she essentially made them adopt a lifestyle where they behave as if they have actually contracted the disease and this proved to be really effective.

New Zealand aims to bring down the restrictions level-by-level to restore normalcy in the country and this sure has acted as an effective eliminatory strategy to combat the spread of this deadly virus even with a staggering population of 5million people.

A country with one of the highest risks to catch this virus taking into account the frequency of its trade and travel with China, for the world’s shock didn’t contract more than 400 cases with just 5-6 fatalities in total. The quick response of the government led by Ms.Tsai Ingwen holds the major credit to contain the virus in the most effective way. All the civilians with travel history to China and with symptoms-related to fever were tested and quarantine way back in the month of December and the nation also released a list of items through which the Virus is contracted easily so that all the citizens stay safe. The timely response of Taiwan according to the phrase “Prevention is better than Cure.” has received a worldwide reception.

Ms. Sanna Marin, one of the youngest female leader of the country which stands first in the World Happiness Index, has been handling the pandemic so strategically that she has been claimed to be such a stream-line leader worldwide.

Though there had been a peak in the cases reported in the country, her impressive strategies to bring down the restrictions step-by-step and increase the testing has quite been an extra-mile in the perception of the Nordic Countries which is also one of the main epicenters for the pandemic.

Though it is not possible to evaluate the impacts in the country based on the sex of the leaders governing them, from the above instances we can analyze that the country which beliefs more in the scientific evidence and quicker response with decisive leaders who are vigilant enough to protect their nation from the novel Corona Virus. These inspiring and deft women leaders around the world have set an example not only in tackling this Covid-19 induced crisis but in being steady and tireless for its people, always.

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