“Who was the first person to step on the moon,” The teacher asked “Neil Armstrong,” said the class in a chorus. Years flew by and one day while surfing the browser, I came by the conspiracy theory which tells that the US had always faked Neil Armstrong on the moon and it was all nothing but a planned “hoax” performed at Area 51 of the United States. I would like to share with the readers, the proofs which completely made chills run down my spine. These proofs are so very concrete that they even lead me to believe that there had been no Neil Armstrong up there on the moon!

Reason for the hoax

It had always been said that the US has faked Apollo 11 (DescriptionApollo 11 was the spaceflight that first landed humans on the Moon. Commander Neil Armstrong and lunar module pilot Buzz Aldrin formed the American crew that landed the Apollo Lunar Module Eagle on July 20, 1969) landing on the moon so as to show Russia that the US was much ahead of them in the space race. A July 1970 poll found 30% of Americans declaring Apollo 11 to be a fake. That number remained relatively high throughout the ’70s when several books were published and a 1978 film about a phony mission to Mars, Capricorn One, convinced many that a moon landing was also a scripted piece of high-technology bunk.

The photos of Moon which were sent by NASA showed a US flag on the moon which was implanted on the moon by the astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins. However, the flag in the picture is waving like one in the wind. This is not at all possible as there is no air on the moon and only vacuum. So, there is nothing there on the moon to make the flag wave. This is a very concrete proof that points to the direction that Apollo 11 never went to the moon.

No stars
It is claimed that space which is full of stars, no star is visible in any of the photos that have come from NASA, and theorists believe that this is not possible unless the scene has been faked on a set.

Sun was the only source of light there on the moon. But the photos sent from the moon do not show shadows parallel to each other. Sun being the only source of light, people standing next to each other do not show parallel shadows which raises suspicion in the minds of the people.

•The lunar module didn’t scatter any dust and didn’t leave a crater from the rocket blast that slowed its descent when it descended onto the Moon’s surface. This was another statement made by theorists saying that the moon landings were faked in Area 51.

However, reading more, all the above-mentioned proofs were challenged by the NASA Astronauts. They said the flag was pictured in such a way that the pole of the flag was bent by the astronauts, as was told to them by the photographers on the earth when they left for the moon. This had thus created a rippling effect on the flag. The Apollo 11 astronauts who made mankind’s first visit to the moon 50 years ago were trained in how to take pictures for science. Another explanation for the non-presence of stars is that the moon’s surface, the lander, and the astronauts were so brightly illuminated by the sun that the weak light of the stars was not to be seen.

For the proof of parallel shadows, scientists say “ Parallelism is always a matter of perspective. Parallel lines on a three-dimensional surface always appear as if they are converging if they are imaged two-dimensionally. “

All these statements prove that there had been a moon landing by Apollo 11. It was due to all these claims by the scientists that the Soviet Union also never challenged the space travel by Apollo 11. Also, a total of about 400,000 people worked on the Apollo missions. So there were enough witnesses, and one of them would have mentioned something at some point. But none of them didn’t utter even a single word about the fake landings on the moon making it impossible to question one of the greatest achievements by NASA.

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