In the beginning there was a “word” and the word was God…
Scientists of today believe that indeed the “word” could be a mysterious source of energy and was likely to be in the form of a sound energy. What makes them conclude this? The answer to this question lies in the branch of Science, that we call “Cymatics”.

The term “Cyma” comes from the Greek root “Kyma” meaning “Wave.” Cymatics has been described as the Science of Wave Phenomena, in the sense of vibrational wave forces. Modern Cymatics is based on the work of Hans Jenny (1904-1972), a Swiss doctor who was an Anthroposophist (meaning that he was a part of the Spiritual Science developed by Rudolf Steiner). Jenny was following up the work of German physicist Ernst F. F. Chladni, who in the late 1700’s demonstrated that drawing a violin bow across a metal plate covered in sand would create precise geometric patterns in the sand. Instead of just using a metal plate, Jenny used a variety of surfaces such as rubber, steel, or stretched paper. Instead of using just sand on the surface, Jenny used many different substances including sand, powder, pastes, salts, oils, water, and molten plastic, all of which went through dramatic and instantaneous shape transformations as the vibrations applied to them changed.

Instead of just using a violin bow to create the vibration, Jenny used a sine wave generator and a speaker to create the sound vibrations in his experiments; he also would use crystal oscillators attached to the underside of the surface membranes, with electrical stimulation applied to the crystals to achieve specific vibrations of audible sound.

Though Cymatics has many applications in arts, music, movies and engineering we are going to explore its application in the health industry. Cymatics can be used to heal people from several kind of inflammations, stress and hence stress related illnesses, developing consciousness and reducing age related issues as well. Cymatics healing is called as Cyma therapy.

Development of Cymatheraphy:
Though healing effects of sound has existed in several cultures from thousands of years like in Buddhism chanting in chorus “Om Mani Padma Hume”, or the singing bowls used extensively in therapies in East or chanting of mantra “Om” in Hinduism. The Technology of healing started formally after Cymatics was popularized, though Hans Jenny focused on observing the patterns created by the sound it was a  British osteopath Dr. Peter Guy Manners who was conducting his own intensive research into the application of wave phenomena to healing .Dr. Manners began research in the 1940’s into the vibrational codes of the human body, with a collaborative group of scientists and medical doctors. After decades of painstaking research, Dr. Manners developed around 750 vibrational codes for precise physiological and energetic functions; frequencies were identified to restore tissues, organs, glands, bones etc. (as well as for more subtle phenomena) to their natural healthy resonance. Why does Cymatherapy works? As the human body is mostly composed of fluid the patterns observed in the fluids especially water, suggested that human body would react to it in the same manner. It is worth noting that Jenny’s experiments in the vibrational structuring of salts, water, oils, etc. can be directly related to the structuring of the human body, which is also based on these same substances.

After decades of experimentation Dr. Manner found that there were combinations of 5 frequencies that created sounds beneficial for the body. the 750 vibrational sounds (referred as commutations) he created were different compositions of these 5 frequencies. These Commutations bring the cells and other structures back into a natural healthy state of vibrational resonance. combining these 5 frequencies has helped in repairing some fractures, scared tissues, rejuvenating new cells with a huge variety of other issues hence, been successful.

Development and release of first pubic Cymatherapy device:
The successor of Dr. Manner, Mandara Cromwell conducted years of research to find a way to make the Cymatherapy technology available to everyone, rethinking the basic design of the unit so that it would require no special training or knowledge in order to be used effectively. this led to the creation of AMI-750 (Acoustic Meridian Intelligence) which is an easy to use footplate unit.

Healing Research:
When Cymatherapy first came to the U.S it was extensively used by the veterinary for example tendon tears in racehorses (similar to tears to the Achilles tendon in human athletes.) It is common for racehorses to be put down (killed) if they suffer tendon tears which are deemed too major to recover from. There is ultrasound evidence to show there is 95% healing with use of Cymatherapy. This has helped a lot of athletes and have helped them in reducing the inflation from their injuries with repeated sessions. Inflation also causes several other problems in the body like Auto-Immune Illness, Cardiovascular Disease, Alzheimer’s and Memory Loss, Metabolic Syndrome, Cancer, Accelerated Aging, Organ Failure so this device proves to be of immense help.

As held by many religions as well sound therapy helps in improving body and mind consciousness it’s interesting to see the visible form of enchantments (the higher the frequency of sound is the complicated the geometric patterns are).

A lot of patterns created by the sound imitates the cells in the body which is why observing patterns created by different frequencies of sound is important. John Stuart Reid of Britain spend a lot of time researching on creating a Cymatics imaging device. And he developed Cyma scope Reid, then took the technology of the Cyma scope and adapted it to become an App for mobile devices, which is now available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) and Android Phones & Tablets. It has multiple functions, including a microphone which can take in any sound (of enough volume) which you play and converts it into a Cymatics image. It creates the image as seen through Aloe Vera gel.

The technology can be used extensively some are trying to find what kind of patterns does brain wave creates, while some think that Cymatherapy can be used to cure cancer. How far it can go only the time will tell us, but what certainly can be concluded Cymatics can be extensively used in health industry and music carries far more mystery than we imagined, bringing back us to where we began that may be the creation of universe could be because of a mysterious source of sound.

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