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Darkness After the Dawn

With the Partition, two countries might have been able to successfully establish their identities, but there were a million identities which were fragmented in the divided landscapes. Refugees. The mass migration of refugees was an unparalleled political situation. While the rich and the foresighted migrated before the Partition, the poor majority came in after 1947.


Israel Palestine Conflict

One-state or Two-state?

The Knesset (Parliament) of Israel approved the controversial Jewish Nationality Bill on 19 July 2018 which defines Israel as the nation-state of the Jewish people. As reported by the Irish Times the bill measure sets “the development of Jewish settlements nationwide as a national priority” and downgrades the status of Arabic from an official language to one with “special status”, consequently treating 20% of its 9 million population as second-class citizens. 

The Bill also sets into law the constitutional status of the Jewish calendar as the state’s official calendar as well as the status of Independence Day, Jewish festivals and memorial days.  


Neighbourly Enemies: The Formation of Israel

The incessant Israel-Palestine conflict has its roots in the decline of the Ottoman Empire. B. Crose had stated that all history is contemporary history and this applies in this context as well. Several revisions of historical accounts have been made, but the irreducible Arab- Jewish core of the conflict remains intact, which can be best elaborated by focussing on the period between 1882-1917. In 1882, the Zionist chapter proper began in Palestine. The first settlers called themselves Hovevei Tzion (Lovers of Zion) and aimed at forging a Jewish national life in Palestine. Notably, they chose to speak Hebrew, instead of Yiddish. During the First Aliyah (a wave of Jewish immigration), several settlements like Zichron Yaakov and Rishon LeZion were set up.

US Presidential election

1960 US Presidential Election: The Clash of Titans

To say that the 2020 US presidential election was a roller-coaster ride would be an understatement. At the time of this writing, Donald Trump has still not conceded the election and continues to push an unfounded perception that the election was ‘stolen from him’. All of this comes after a bitterly personal battle during the election campaign where neither of the candidates pulled any punches while launching verbal tirades against each other. Observers are already calling it the most unusual and fiercely contested election that America has ever seen. But as far as personal rivalries and vote-related controversies are concerned, the election of 1960 far outweighs this year’s election. Two friends-turned-foes, who were opposites of each other in terms of both background and personality, went head-to-head in their quest to become the Leader of the Free World. This article will give a brief account of everything that transpired during the election of 1960. 


The Rockefeller family

 “When you have a Rockefeller on your committee, it is a bonus. People want to hobnob with them.” – New York Society Chronicler. 

We have heard of monarchies that have lasted for centuries, however, it’s rare that we hear of a wealthy family staying wealthy for generations and generations. It would be hard to believe that the wealth of a family will last much further than the grandchildren- the taxes, expenses, dilution of the well-being of children and their children and the inevitable corruption of large amounts of money ultimately drains out the wealth and affects the family conditions.


Alternate History: What If 9/11 Never Happened?

It was 8:44 am on the 11th of September 2001, a regular Tuesday morning. A date no one would even think of if it had not been marked red and black with the series of events that went down after 8:45 am. 9/11, a date too familiar; the day when 4 planes were hijacked by Al Qaeda terrorist groups as they targeted and attacked the United States. Don’t we all ask ourselves, “Why did this happen?”, “How could we have prevented this?”, “How could we have saved 3000 innocent lives?”, and perhaps even “What if this never happened?” What if 9/11 never happened?


Alternate History: What if Central Powers Won WW1?

Sometimes, it is exciting to imagine a version of the world in a manner different from the existing one. While travelling through different parts of history in a sense of contradiction, known factors begin to produce different outcomes and one realises that reversing just a single event changes the state of the world forever. World War 1, the first truly global conflict and a momentous part of our history is one such event. It is widely known that the war concluded with the victory of Allied Powers. But what if we think of Central Powers as the ones who emerged victorious and put an end to the war? Interestingly, how the course of history would have changed, had the Central Powers won WW1? 

Cuban Missile Crisis

Alternate History: What if the Cuban Missile Crisis rocketed?

Have you ever imagined what your life would have been like today if you had done certain things differently in the past? Without doubt, right? We often find ourselves asking the big old ‘What If’ question. A direct outcome of this line of thought is the genre of ‘alternate history’, where writers imagine a world that diverges at some point in real history. There are numerous books, movies and series out there taking significant events in world history and conjuring up alternative timelines. One such book, Resurrection Day by Brendan DuBois takes up the Cuban Missile Crisis. But before we delve into the alternate history of ‘what if the Cuban Missile Crisis escalated into a full-scale war?’ it is important to know what actually went down up till 1962.

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