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united airlines

United Airlines: PR Crisis Management

In the days following 9th April 2017, United Airlines Inc., the fourth-largest airline by fleet size and the number of routes faced one of its worst PR crisis ever. As Warren Buffet says, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.”

A great deal of transition developed in business objectives worldwide as we set foot in the era of technology. Apart from the profit motive, corporates started emphasizing societal benefits, consumer satisfaction, and Public Relations (PR) Management. While there may nevertheless be few industry leaders who still don’t weigh the significance of PR Management that high, those who have experienced a crisis are unquestionably aware of its adverse effects. A PR crisis can turn out as a nightmare scenario that can dethrone well-known market share leaders. A century-long brand image, reputation, trust, and consumer satisfaction can be washed off in a single incident. Even worse for some businesses, the start of a PR crisis might trigger their end. 


KFC: PR Crisis Management

646 out of 900 KFC outlets in the UK remained shut for several weeks. Before you think of the possible reasons behind this, I shall stop you right here. They ran out of chicken. That is it. That’s the reason. This happened back in February 2018 and is believed to have cost the chain a million pounds per day for which it remained closed. But, brand reputation and customer loyalty is the one thing that they did not lose. Thanks to the prompt crisis management. 


PEPSI: PR Crisis Management

A public relations crisis is a nightmare situation that hits even the most prestigious and well-meaning businesses. For some businesses, it may be just a bump in the road, while for others it may be a sign of huge failure. If you are wondering whether something is a PR crisis or not, you need to know the answer to this question: Was it serious enough that it went beyond the PR or marketing team, and management and leadership were needed to get involved? If so, it warrants the title. This article particularly talks about PR crisis of Pepsi and how it responded to its PR controversy.


Obstacle in the trouble-free GST regime

The Goods and Services Tax (GST) was brought into force on 1st July 2017 under the Constitutional Act (101st Amendment , 2016. It was incorporated for two basic reasons: first, it would simplify the tax collection process by avoiding the cascading effect of taxation; second, it would increase the revenue of the government.

The Introduction of GST was considered a historic and landmark decision in India’s fiscal administration. There are several reasons to support that GST is better than our old indirect tax regime. First, it leads to frictionless commerce between the states. Second, taxes are buoyant, meaning that if the GDP of the country grows, the tax collection will increase along with it. Third, it leads to removal of the cascading effect of “tax on tax” , meaning that GST subsumes various state and central taxes thus reducing  the burden on the customers.


The Business of Online Financial Frauds


Don’t all of us notice some mysterious dialog boxes asking for financial details pop-ups every here and there? Many of us get some fraudulent sorts of emails and messages proclaiming that there might be jackpot prizes if we click on directed links. All netizens at some point would have noticed fishy financial behavior. Don’t we get certain calls claiming we’ve won cash prizes and we would need to furnish our financial details to claim them? We should be beware of these fraudulent activities. The famous Netflix web series: Jamtara-Sabka Number Aayega delved into the darker world of online financial fraud which was being carried out by young boys in a small Indian town. As depicted in the series, the school dropouts in the small Indian town carried on phishing- obtained private financial information of tech-savvy citizens living in cities by befooling them and earning huge amounts of money. Phishing had emerged as a lucrative business. Indeed, the world of online financial fraud is murkier, one can lose out thousands of rupees owing to a click of carelessness.


The Immoral business of Counterfeit Products

“Is that Gucci real”, “Oh no, those shoes say Nike, but they aren’t”.
Sounds familiar? What we might rejoice as an easy deal to own branded luxury without a price, indeed comes at an exorbitant one. The counterfeit products are bogus, but their blow is real. In 2020, the business of counterfeit as a globally illegal business has a worth of 1.82 Trillion USD, justifying the attraction towards it, making it nearly 10% of total global trade.

Toy "R" Us

Going Out of Business – Toys “R” Us

Toys “R” Us- once a source of joy for children around the world, has closed all of its global stores, thus, marking the end of this chain. It was once a king of the toy castle, evident from the fact that as soon as the news broke out, Toys “R” Us would be closing its doors for good, millennials across the US were singing, “I am a Toys “R” Us kid”. They asserted- “The end of Toys “R” Us is the end of an era.” For those of you who don’t have the slightest idea about what Toys “R” Us is, let me decode.


Going Out of Business – BlackBerry

What pops into your mind when I say a smartphone?
Apple? Samsung? Probably something in that zone.
But there was a time when none of these existed,
BlackBerry, once the king, is where it all started.
Seen as a status symbol since its arrival,
No one imagined it would one day be fighting for its survival.
So, what transpired from 1984 to 2016,
That it had to quit the smartphone business and no longer be seen?

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