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The Connectere Podcast #61: India’s Economic Recovery From The Pandemic

The Connectere podcast is an initiative to bring forth innovative ideas and opinions of the youth forward via the digital medium. Tune in to this episode of the podcast where Ashika talks about the K shaped recovery model and its impact on the nation.

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snob effect

Snob Effect


Have you ever considered how behavioural aspects of an individual plays an important role in economics and it can impact the demand for a good drastically? Several studies have been done in this area in the past. When considering demand, we tend to relate it to the notion of the law of demand (Quantity demanded of a good is inversely related to its price) and tend to ignore other aspects. However, the value of a product is not always dependent on the utility a consumer derives. For some goods, social superiority derives demand.

bandwagon effect

Bandwagon Effect

Does anyone of us remember how exactly Goa became the hub of bachelor trips? When did K-pop become so huge and discovered its fan base outside of Korea? How do the weirdest of things suddenly become the meme everyone’s talking about? All these processes are driven by a psychological and economic phenomenon named the Bandwagon Effect.

A layman would call it herd mentality. To briefly explain it, the Bandwagon Effect is the tendency of people to take certain actions or draw a particular conclusion primarily because other people are doing so. When you start doing or believing in something because everybody else does, it’s the results of the Bandwagon Effect. The name comes from the popular phrase ‘jump into the bandwagon’, which means doing something fashionable.

Network Effect

What is the network effect?

If you see a lot of people in a restaurant, you may expect the restaurant offers good food. Consequently, you give it a try since all of those people can’t be wrong! Similarly, if a lot of your friends are on Facebook, you might join hoping to connect with them! If after you join, you post quality content that leads to many people enjoying the experience; it’ll boost engagement, creating a network effect.

The First Forum

The First Forum – Edition 64

The First Forum is an initiative that focuses on covering the latest happenings in a brief format. This is in lieu of the importance of knowledge about current happenings in this fast-changing world.
In the Sixty Fourth Edition of The First Forum we would be covering the following topics:
1. Politics
2. Science and Technology
3. Business
4. Economics
5. Finance

(By Divyansh Gupta, Ayush Harlalka, Creamy Garg)


Diet and its evolution

DIET, a word that is the staple to our language these days originated in the early 19th century. Diet simply means the sum of food consumed by a person or other organism. This often refers to the use of a specific nutrition for health or weight-management reasons (both are often associated).

It started back in the era of the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution brought an increase in wealth, in the production of goods and the standard of living. This led to the discovery and evolution of new resources that were artificially made and this resulted in today’s essential commodities like sugar, alcohol, salt, cereal grains, domesticated meats and dairy products. Industrial Revolution introduced new methods of food processing including the addition of cereals, refined sugar and refined vegetable oils.


The Connectere Podcast #60: The O.J. Simpson Case

The Connectere podcast is an initiative to bring forth innovative ideas and opinions of the youth forward via the digital medium. Tune in to this episode of the podcast where Sahib talks about the infamous O.J.Simpson case.

Here is the spotify link for the podcast –



The ethics of Space Colonization

November 1971. Mars 3 lander became the first spacecraft to achieve a soft landing on Mars. Even though its transmission was interrupted after 14.5 seconds, this feat in the arena of space paved the way for hundreds of others. It raised a new hope. It made it clear that no distance is distant enough for the man to travel.

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