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Author: Nikunj Gulati

Currently a student at Kirori Mal college, Delhi university. Looking at life from a different perspective all around. Loves robotics and accountancy. Co-author of the book 'Unknocked doors'.

Space Elevator

The way every time with more experience, it became easier for a caveman to light a fire with stones, he must have dreamt that someday it won’t be this difficult. Gradually a lot of things have changed with time, sun isn’t the only source of light today, walking isn’t the only source of transportation. Yes, we have evolved with time but so has our imagination. Things laughed upon as impossible once are today not even considered as the greatest achievements. Among the infinite dreams of mankind, there are some which are not even close to being fulfilled. One of them being of connecting the surface of Earth to the vast and infinite space; the space elevator.

Drone strikes and Oil – The Attack on Saudi Arabia

Throughout history, we have heard about various attacks, may it be by terror groups or due to wars among countries. One such attack happened recently that gained much attention and has a huge impact all across the globe. This is the drone strike in the oil refineries of Saudi Arabia on 14th September whose oil reserves are second largest in the world and supply nearly 16% of oil in the world.

Capital punishment in India – An overview

“An eye for an eye, a life for a life.” this is the principle of retaliation that has been used since the beginning of time and is the basic ideology from where the concept of capital punishment began. Capital punishment or death penalty refers is a government-sanctioned practice whereby a person is killed by the state as a punishment for a crime, but there have always been arguments relating to specifying the crimes for which capital punishments are to be given.

Co-Working Space – next big thing in the startup space

Innovation and to think out of the box is what that defines the very existence of Startups and undoubtedly, the inclination of the young minds towards it, tells a lot about the popularity that this ecosystem is experiencing. Not only the concept is interesting but also the solutions to the problems they face by them are quite different. Though they do face the problem of financing still it is quite successful and manageable as far as statistics speak.

The Story of the Negative Interest Rates

Every day the news of high interest rates causing the problems to the common man is highlighted in the news. Amidst this came the story of Negative Interest Rates. Have you ever imagined what Negative Interest Rates would look like? The following piece sheds light on the given issue.

DRONES: The next big deleterious thing the world would witness

Every day we hear people saying that the third world war will be fought for water or cause of food but one major aspect which most of us ignored is that what shall be the new warfare weapons that are going to be used? This weapon is Drone swarm technology.

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