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Author: Divyansh Gupta

Dedicated Law student; Quirky sense of humour; slick with hands to churn out caricatures on the go; Movie buff and always ready to thumb through a good non fiction; passionate about cricket, marvel and photography; artistic prospective towards everything!

Compassion Fatigue

In the era of 24-hour news updates and growing channels of telecommunication and broadcasting of information via social media and other sources around the world, we have never been more aware of the appalling events that occur around the world every day. Every minute our personal use devices like mobile phones, personal AI assistants buzz with new news notification updates. Regardless of it as trivial as a pop culture celebrity losing her wedding ring or major crisis updates like terrorist attacks, global warming or global political turmoil, we get updated within seconds. But in the face of so much overdose of news, is there a danger that we become numb to the headlines? Can overexposure to the global updates and happenings around the globe affect our mental health and harm our social outlook?

Barnum Effect- Art Of Manipulative Persuation

“You’re an independent thinker.”

“You seem very intuitive.”

“You’ve got a sharp sense of humor.”

“You’re a good judge of character.”

“You’re not living up to your full potential.”

Seems relatable?

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