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Author: Ayush Bansal

A commerce undergrad at SRCC, an avid reader who loves to express his critics on geopolitical and financial episodes. Believes in passion and always strives to achieve more than what he’s capable of.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

The worldwide buzz of digital marketing has only matured in the past decade for each person to be at least aware of its presence for advertising. Corporates are exploring, analyzing and capturing this technique to secure newly emerging digital markets. Admitting the technological rule that we are about to witness in the next 25 years, this upsurge has been obvious. It has practically become a mandate for survival and growth as offline marketing is slowly turning ineffective and obsolete. 

Marketing means connecting your ideas, products or services with the right audience at apt. time. This exact connection digitally is referred to as digital marketing. Therefore, any form of marketing on the internet through digital channels in different social media apps, search engines, websites and emails is digital marketing. Despite this definition being certainly straightforward, the tools and algorithms of employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are not. Digital Marketing Channels include Pay Per Click (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, SMS Marketing, etc. Ensuring customer retention, understanding contemporary buying patterns of people with better literacy levels and managing online public reviews in the digital mode remain a challenging task for any company.

Time to look beyond iPhone

An innovator, a creator and a leader- Apple Inc., has revolutionized the modern world with its cards by betting a major bluff in 2007 by introducing the world with the new era of a mobile handset, – “iPhone.” It wouldn’t be wrong to say that from the past 10 years, it is not any other segment but iPhone that has single-handedly driven the path for Apple Inc. so as to become the leader in this sphere. But its shadow has more or less faded making everyone concerned about the next big move by the company?

China’s strategy to be the World Leader!!

There are always leaders and followers and one bitter truth that the world has always witnessed is that in this system there are superpowers that act as the leaders of the globe. The 19th century saw the rule of the Grand Britain Empire. The 20th century witnessed the advent of the two mighty superpowers of Soviet Union and the USA. After the breakdown of Soviet Union though there has been just one world leader that is the US. However, in the last 5 years we have seen US taking a back step from its responsibilities of the leader to helping its own economy. So the world asks in unison what next? Does this uncertainty along with the global slowdown in the economy indicate the emergence of a new superpower? If yes, then who do you think could it be!

The rationale behind the use of Dollar everywhere

Have you ever wondered that why Dollar is considered as a global currency and why not others? Or how has Dollar emerged as the leader in the world over other nations? Still wondering…but no more. Let’s look into the facts and the rationale behind the use of dollar everywhere.

Mutual Funds – Looking beyond traditional investments

“All Mutual Funds are subject to market risks, and read all schemes related to documents carefully.” Undoubtedly, every individual reading this article must have seen or heard this disclaimer before. A quite obvious line as nothing comes at free of cost. But a careful and systematic planning can make something out of nothing. Before we proceed further, we must understand that what do we mean of Mutual Funds and how is it mobilising the funds within the capital market?

Why is the U.S. funding Pakistan for so many years ?

“No more funding to Pakistan” – was the US President Donald Trump’s first tweet on New Year’s Day, which clearly sets the priority of US to fightback terrorism and to support India in all stance to counter terrorism. He did highlight the fact that almost 33 billion dollars were given away during the last 15 years in return for nothing but lies and decent. But the question emerges is that why was the US, a country thousands of miles away funding Pakistan for all these years and what changed?

Indo-Persian relations, where are we heading?

What an unexpected 180 degree turn for a nation from being the second largest crude oil importer from Iran to seeing it cut its Iranian oil imports to half in the wake of US trade sanctions that were kicked in November. But have we ever wondered the cause, the reasons and the events that lead to the structural framework and economic ties between these 2 nations? And what all geopolitics situations that pushed the Nation like India and China to cut their respective import of oil from Iran.

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