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Currently pursuing economics honors from Miranda house. She has lived across 6 states and loves to explore new places and opportunities. Learning about new things always fascinates her, and she looks forward to be able to make use of her knowledge in most creative ways possible.



Myanmar, formerly known as Burma, is a South-East Asian country bordered by India, China, Bangladesh, Thailand, and Laos.  Its capital city is Naypyidaw and its largest city is Yangon, formerly known as Rangoon. The name of the country is disputed since 1989 when the military renamed it from Burma to Myanmar to reflect a new post-colonial era (inclusive of other ethnicities). However, both the words are derived from the Myamma, a name given to their ethnic majority Bamar. Internationally, countries like the US and ethnic opposition do not recognize the military as the legit authority and hence, they continue to call it Burma, whereas most of the other countries have accepted the name Myanmar. 

Recently Myanmar has been in news following a coup d’état, a military take over removing the democratically elected government. Detaining the president Win Myint as well as the Nobel Peace prize winner and counselor of state Aung San Suu Kyi.



Oligopoly definition

In an oligopoly market structure, few firms are interdependent. They collectively dominate the market. These firms are individually powerful in controlling the market yet these firms also depend upon other firms as they could bring some change in the market control.


Privacy has taken center stage in recent times as more and more of our data is digitized and shared online data privacy is at a greater risk. A single company may possess the personal information of millions of customers, they use to understand their needs and build products. Companies (even governments) need to keep these data private to protect sensitive information and from keeping their image from being tarnished. This huge data set can be used to understand the problems of the population on a large and hence can be useful. So now how do we find a way that enables the use of this data in the right way and yet protects the privacy of the individual?

To resolve this conflict of interest we have something called differential privacy.



Antoni Gaudi Cornet was an architect from Catalonia, Spain who belonged to the Modernisme (Art Nouveau) movement.  He was known for his individualistic style which was one-of-a-kind. Most of his works are concentrated around Barcelona, Spain. Gaudi’s architecture was highly influenced by his passion like nature and religion.  He introduced new techniques of constructions like trencadis (broken tile mosaics) which uses waste ceramic, stained glasses or wood pieces and he also came up with equilibrated architectures. Equilibrated design can be observed in his multi-storey apartments of Casa Mila and Casa Batllo.  The several floors of which are structured like clusters of tile lily pads with steel-beam veins. As was so often his practice, he designed the two buildings, in their shapes and surfaces, as metaphors of the mountainous and maritime character of Catalonia. 

Books vs Movies: The age old debate

There’s always been a heated debate when a book is adapted into a movie, that whether the movie gave justice to the book by keeping it original, by keeping its essence intact or even though deviating from the storyline the movie was still a beautiful piece of art. Like once Stephen king said “books and movies are like apples and oranges they both are fruit, but tastes completely different.” we need to explore the right way of interpreting a book adaptation into movies to be able to truly enjoy it or even dislike it for that matter.


Discrimination against pregnant women

“If you exclude 50% of the talent pool, it’s no wonder that you find yourself in a war for talent.” By Theresa J. Whitmarsh. We have all encountered situations or conversations where some people defend gender-based discrimination making claims that they are innate differences. For example, men are more logical than women that makes them suited for a variety of jobs. They claim that it’s just “simply biology”. But if we were really to talk about discrimination based on biology nothing threatens a woman’s employment and economic stability more than their status of pregnancy. Mere knowledge of pregnancy can make the employer change the decision of hiring women. These employers don’t see mothers or pregnant women as a long-term asset for the company and therefore, they keep them from getting an opportunity of well-deserved jobs.


Innovative investments: Art and collectibles

An alternative investment refers to investment in assets other than traditionally invested in, like bonds, stocks, and cash. An alternative investment is a broad term and it includes various kinds of tangible assets like wine, coins, stamps, and even art. Artworks have made headlines when they are sold for billions in the auction. One must ask why people spend so much money on these paintings, furniture, and other antiques. Are there any financial gains attached to it or is it simply for pleasure?

Well, it is a mix of both. Art and collectibles though have a low intrinsic value they still have demand among its enthusiasts. This is what makes the market of art and collectibles tricky to invest in. Some of them generate huge returns while some lose their value over time. In this article, we will look at how artwork and collectibles can be seen as an alternative investment. We’ll start by understanding the value of art in an economic sense; then look at art as an investment, and what are its advantages and disadvantages; finally the things to keep in mind before investing in Art and the collectible market.

Maji Maji

Maji Maji Uprising

Faith, as described by Martin Luther King Jr. is ‘taking the first step, even when you don’t see the full staircase’. Faith isn’t just a notion that people use to get through dark times, it gives us strength and helps in holding a community together. History is filled with narratives where people came together due to their common beliefs and brought about a change. One such story is about the Maji Maji uprising or the rebellion against the German colonizers. Their faith in Maji Maji (the sacred water) helped them to resist the oppression of Germans who were much superior militarily for roughly two years. This rebellion is considered by many to be the first of a kind where people from different ethnic groups came together to fight colonialism. This inspired many such revolutions against colonialism.

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