The Connectere brings forward the mind’s eye and panoramic view of the young writing enthusiasts on the various topics in the field of economics, finance, politics, society, culture, science, technology, business and many more. It gives a platform and opportunity to the amateur but an avid learner to be a penman of his own opinions.

Founded by college students, we primarily focus on publishing a thoughtful and ingenious outlook of free minds. The platform was launched on 28th July 2019 by a small team of 8 people from Shri Ram College of Commerce, DU. Since its inception, The Connectere has only grown stronger – adding more members into the family as well as more content which voices the opinions of the youth.  

We aim at presenting a complete and unique view of the issues that readers actually care about. Always welcoming diverse opinions on multiple subjects, we target the past events, latest trends and changed perspectives. Day in and day out, we strive to put out the best possible content on our site for our beloved readers which would provide them a fresh perspective on various topics and also expand their thinking horizons.

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Aditya Jain (Co-Founder, The Connectere)

It’s not about achieving the end goal but about loving every step of the journey.  A highly opinionated personality with a knack for learning something new every day, Aditya is in his final year pursuing Economic Honors at SRCC.
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Megha Mital (Co-Founder, The Connectere)

Coming across innovative ideas and new opportunities every day, she has come a long way from being just an economics Hons student at SRCC. With the aim of exploring new avenues to diversify her personality, she constantly strives to gather the best out of every opportunity.
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Jotpreet Singh (Co-Founder, The Connectere)

Currently a final year Hons student at SRCC, Jotpreet (referred to by his friend as JP) has a knack for business, finance and technology. He loves to talk about stock markets and startups and everything else in between.
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Nischal Upadhyay (Co-Founder, The Connectere)

There are thousands of opportunities offered in this world and he believes that one must try to make the best of them. With a keen interest in music and creative writing, he has played handball as well. Currently pursuing Eco Hons. at SRCC he feels people should never restrain themselves to one particular goal.
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