The Connectere brings forward the mind’s eye and panoramic view of the young writing enthusiasts on the various topics in the field of economics, finance, politics, society, culture, science, technology, business and many more. It gives a platform and opportunity to the amateur but an avid learner to be a penman of his own opinions.

Founded by college students, we primarily focus on publishing a thoughtful and ingenious outlook of free minds. The platform was launched on 28th July 2019 by a small team of 8 people from Shri Ram College of Commerce, DU. Since its inception, The Connectere has only grown stronger – adding more members into the family as well as more content which voices the opinions of the youth.  

We aim at presenting a complete and unique view of the issues that readers actually care about. Always welcoming diverse opinions on multiple subjects, we target the past events, latest trends and changed perspectives. Day in and day out, we strive to put out the best possible content on our site for our beloved readers which would provide them a fresh perspective on various topics and also expand their thinking horizons.

Meet the Team !

Aditya Jain (Co-Founder, The Connectere)

It’s not about achieving the end goal but about loving every step of the journey.  A highly opinionated personality with a knack for learning something new every day, Aditya is in his final year pursuing Economic Honors at SRCC.
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Megha Mital (Co-Founder, The Connectere)

Coming across innovative ideas and new opportunities every day, she has come a long way from being just an economics Hons student at SRCC. With the aim of exploring new avenues to diversify her personality, she constantly strives to gather the best out of every opportunity.
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Jotpreet Singh (Co-Founder, The Connectere)

Currently a final year Hons student at SRCC, Jotpreet (referred to by his friend as JP) has a knack for business, finance and technology. He loves to talk about stock markets and startups and everything else in between.
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Nischal Upadhyay (Co-Founder, The Connectere)

There are thousands of opportunities offered in this world and he believes that one must try to make the best of them. With a keen interest in music and creative writing, he has played handball as well. Currently pursuing Eco Hons. at SRCC he feels people should never restrain themselves to one particular goal.
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Pratigya Singhal, Content Strategist

Thinking is difficult, therefore people simply work. Not the case with her. Unlike others, most creative ideas flow through her mind when she is working so thus, she leaves it on her work to tell her story.
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Aashi Jain, Content Strategist

Pursuing her graduation in B.Com.(Hons.) from SRCC, Aashi is passionate about mission-driven activities and can build highly empowered teams with a go-getter approach. An effective communicator, she possesses excellent team management skills along with a detail-oriented attitude.
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Sonal Mandhana, Content Strategist

Pursuing from SRCC while dreaming about munching on macrons in France. Nerd alert- Huge chess fan. Dream choice of character- Sherlock Holmes in Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.
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Gunika Vij, Content Strategist

Currently in her second year of Economics Honours at Shri Ram College of Commerce, she is a Punjab-Delhi express that demands to be recognized. She is an enthusiastic soul looking for happiness in small things while trying to make it big in life. From books to humans she has opinions on all, a curious soul who never gets tired of learning.
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Aradhana Pandey, Content Strategist

A highly driven and motivated individual, Aradhana is currently a B.Com undergrad at SRCC. Always on the lookout for being a better version of herself than yesterday, Aradhana has always found her muse in pen & paper. We leave the rest for her articles to communicate to you about what buzzes around this budding writer’s head!
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Ankita Punjani, Content Strategist

Currently pursuing B.Com (Hons.) at SRCC, Delhi University. Identifies herself as a staunch proponent of feminism and a voracious reader. Always has a knack for learning new things !
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Tanishka Gupta, Content Strategist

A free spirited individual in her second year, pursuing Bcom.(Hons) from Shri Ram College of Commerce, she is an extrovert who loves learning more and more from everything around her, fueling her motivation to do more to be a better person with every passing day. A classical dancer since the age of 4, a music lover and most importantly someone who is passionate about helping others and creating a positive impact on the society.
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Pallavi Mishra, Content Strategist

Currently pursuing B.Com. Hons at SRCC, she is always thrilled and curious to learn new concepts. She constantly strives to enhance her skills and standing out of the crowd seems to be her main objective, which she pursues with the help of hardwork and perseverance.
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Shruti Jha, Content Strategist

Currently pursuing B.Com (H) in her 2nd Year, Shruti is an optimistic personality who strives hard to achieve her goals. She fears oblivion and aims to make it big in life. She finds solace in writing and is also a self-proclaimed critique.
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Ranjana Sinha, Content Strategist

Just another student with a general aversion to human beings, who finds solace in all things fictional. She appreciates (brutal) honesty, (dark) humor, (reserved) intellect and (home-made) rajma-chawal.
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Dewangi Sharma, Content Strategist

A law student who loves to argue and not concede, a connoisseur of all things rustic and old, she can never get tired of dancing and making random conversations. Also, Smiling is her superpower!

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Soumya Nijhawan, Content Strategist

Currently Pursuing B.Com.(Hons.) from KMC, soumya is an erudite person with an artistic mind. Laughter is the sunbeam of her soul and she is always eager to learn. Also she loves to help and shares even in case of food.
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Ananya Aggarwal, Content Strategist

From the beautiful city of Chandigarh, Ananya likes to describe herself as an introvert who finds her escape in art and music. She loves to sleep, watch movies, travel and is all in for some adventure.
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Ishika Goel, Content Strategist

Currently pursing Economic honours at SRCC, Ishika has a knack for trying out unconventional things. Inquisitive about anything and everything, she endeavours to explore diverse lines of knowledge. A keen and a zealous learner, she lets curiosity guide her through life.
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Manraj Uppal, Author

The one word that defines him is curiosity. Always looking for new things to explore and learn. Apart from this, he is an avid debator which largely stems from his habit of reading voraciously. Currently pursuing Political Science (Hons.) at Ramjas College, Manraj is a movie buff and a huge football fan.
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Manav Jain, Author

Pursuing Economics from the Hindu College; constantly evolving to become the best version of himself; a football enthusiast and a die-hard Manchester United fan. 
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Nikunj Gulati, Author

Currently a student at Kirori Mal college, Delhi university. Looking at life from a different perspective all around. Loves robotics and accountancy. Co-author of the book ‘Unknocked doors’.
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Sahib Katyal, Author

Born and brought up in Chandigarh, Sahib is a curious, inquisitive and a hard working person.An ambivert at heart, he tends to be a perfectionist. His hobbies include playing cricket and travelling! Currently, he is pursuing B. Com. (Hons) at SRCC. 
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Mehak Gupta, Author

Meeting new people and exploring new places since 2001. For Mehak, everyday is a new learning experience . Sharing is caring is her motto. She likes working towards her goals and helping others with theirs as together everyone grows more.
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Palak Batra, Author

Currently a BA Eco (Hons) undergrad at SRCC, Palak is a highly driven individual who finds solace in TV series and movies. She lives in her own fantasy world and aspires to be ten percent as confident and elegant as her hero Michelle Obama.
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Tanya Bahl, Author

Currently pursuing Bcom honours from SRCC she is an extrovert and a perfectionist who believes dancing is the best therapy. A movie buff brimming with optimism.
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Ashika Deb, Author

Living in a self crafted utopian fantasy, she likes to occasionally come back to reality to find excitement in the little things of life. Pursuing BSc. Mathematics Honours from Miranda house, she indulges in painting, reading and writing. She believes that while dreaming, limits tend to infinity.
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Aarushi Verma, Author

Currently pursuing Economics Hon from Miranda house. She has lived across 6 states and loves to explore new places and opportunities. Learning about new things always fascinates her, and she looks forward to be able to make use of her knowledge in most creative ways possible.
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AjuniDeep, Author

Native of city beautiful, Ajuni is an ardent believer of self love, strength, ambition and incessant faith in oneself, while she swiftly surfs through life’s ordeals. She is an upbeat dreamer, an avid dancer, a word smith, an adroit artist and a vogue fanatic.
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Ayush Harlalka, Author

Ambitious to become a successful entrepreneur one day, Ayush is a confident and dedicated soul. Enthusiastic in everything he does, success for him lies in perfection.
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Prerna Cheema, Author

An aspiring civil servant, a curious mind but also an avid binge watcher- Prerna is currently pursuing BA Prog in English and Political Science from Kirori Mal College. She belongs to Chandigarh but really enjoys the hustle of Delhi. Her favourite pastime is taking naps and recognises herself as a pro at it.
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Divyansh Gupta, Author

Dedicated Law student; Quirky sense of humour; slick with hands to churn out caricatures on the go; Movie buff and always ready to thumb through a good non fiction; passionate about cricket, marvel and photography; artistic prospective towards everything!
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Aarushi Mittal, Author

Currently pursuing B.Com Honours from SRCC, she’s always on the lookout for interesting and eccentric shows, books, music and movies to quench her curiosity. A deeply intuitive and whimsical individual, she strives to find freedom in everything, the most important being- in her thoughts.

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Anirudh Arya, Author

Anirudh Arya, a not so typical kid from a very typical commerce college, can be found giggling at any and every hour of the day, especially when he most definitely shouldn’t. Currently trying to write whenever a small window of time presents itself, while constantly seeking his solace in solitude.
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Kanika Meena, Author

Currently at Kamala Nehru, A passionate dancer, she has always been a multi tasker with the right amount of enthusiasm. Also she is pretty much the queen of procrastination !!!
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Charu Gupta, Author

Currently pursuing Bcom Honors at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Charu has got the knack for small talk. She plays ukulele and loves to jam out. Unlike the crowd, she cannot binge read/watch.
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Meena Priyadarsnee K , Author

Raised in the land of idly,living in the land of kulcha,Meena is currently pursuing B.Com(Hons.) and multi-tasking at SRCC. She has a head for realism,heart full of candour and a hand to pen down her boundless thoughts and another to hold the coffee mug(always).Perky enough,she exerts to explore all her potentiality,ranging from music to research.
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Ishaan Jain, Author

Belonging to Gurgaon, he is currently a student at Kirori Mal College pursuing Economics Hons. Ishaan is a fun loving person, soft at heart and a confident and dedicated soul. You can typically find him working for his endeavours or attending a Model United Nations conference. He likes to keep himself aware about the happenings around the world!
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Simran Saini, Author

Currently pursuing Economics (Hons.) from SRCC, Simran is an avid reader and is always on a lookout for some ‘real’ knowledge. She is a proud member of BTS Army and has an innate obsession for Sundays. She often finds herself stuck in the rat race and struggles to have a consensus between her heart and mind.
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Arjun Kumar Singh, Author

With the desire to make a lasting impact in the world, Arjun is currently pursuing his graduation in History at SVC. Born and brought up in Delhi, history, food and cricket excite him the most!
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Shitij Goyal, Author

Currently pursuing BCom at Ramjas College; born and brought up in the City beautiful Chandigarh. Always radiating optimistic vibes as per his peers. Works hard to achieve each goal w perfection. Holds a keen interest in stock market and finance.
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Srishti Ruhela, Author

Currently pursuing B.Com(Hons) from SRCC, Srishti is a very hard working, dedicated, curious and fun loving person. She believe there is always a room for improvement. She is also a serioholic
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Nishka, Author

From the City of Joy (Kolkata), Nishka is someone who you’ll never see without a book in hand. While being extremely curious, she loves trying new things. She’s currently pursuing B.Com (Hons.) at SRCC.
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Creamy Garg, Author

Currently pursuing Economics Hons at Hansraj College, Creamy hails from a small town in Punjab. Always yearning to widen her horizons by meeting new people and accepting new challenges, she is a strong proponent of equality and wishes to do something for the same. Her hobbies include reading, sleeping and listening to music.

Guest Contributors

Cherag Singla

Belonging to Chandigarh, he’s currently pursuing B.Com. (Hons) from Shri Ram College of Commerce. He happens to possess inordinate passion for photography, cricket and travel and people who know him appreciate his patient, curious and intriguing nature.
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Akansh Dhull

Originally from Haryana and done his schooling from Chandigarh. Currently he is pursuing B.Com.(H) from Shri Ram College of Commerce. An explorer, who loves to travel and interact with new people. Also, he tries to keep himself aware with what is happening around the world. 
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Archit K Jindal, Author

Pursuing CA with bcom, he is always looking forward to explore new areas. His hobbies include playing football, cricket and traveling.
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