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Pawan kumar Chamling

The Political Masters of India- Pawan Kumar Chamling

Often referred to as the “greenest chief minister” of India, Pawan Kumar Chamling is to Sikkim politics what Bhaichung Bhutia is to Indian football. Chamling’s Sikkim Democratic Front has ruled the lands and hearts of the picturesque North-Eastern State without knowing any bounds. For Sikkim, and the rest of India, his achievements as a politician make him a superstar—in the fickle world of Indian politics, Chamling has been the Chief Minister of Sikkim for 25 years without a break, the ‘longest reign’ ever.

banks post crisis

Are our Banks Prepared for Post-Crisis Resurrection of the Economy?

Time and again, the role of banks and the financial sector, as a whole, has been reemphasized and reiterated. They are either at the epicenter of the problem itself or instrumental in the mitigation process.

A report by WeForum points out a negative correlation between mortality rate and output, employment, and activity level of a country undergoing pandemic (based on the Spanish Flu of 1918-19). The mortality rate is a function of Non-Pharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical interventions in such a time. With the implementation of lockdowns across the country at a relatively earlier stage, India is at an advantageous position. But how long will this advantage hold is a matter of sensitivity and foresight with which decisions are taken and implemented, given the lack of adequate public health services and rollover effects of hasty economic decisions in the past which eroded GDP growth rates significantly?


The Connectere Podcast #20: Pandemic and plight of the unorganised sector

The Connectere podcast is an initiative to bring forth innovative ideas and opinions of the youth forward via the digital medium. In this episode of the podcast, we have Sahib who talks about the plight of the unorganised sector workers during this pandemic.

Here is the spotify link for the podcast –

Jyoti Basu

The Political Masters of India- Jyoti Basu

Whenever the discussion about “Indian Political Left”, lights up, one name always comes up without an iota of doubt – Jyoti Basu, unarguably, the light of the Communist Movement in India. 

weekly analysis

The Weekly Analysis – Edition 8

There are two aspects to news. Knowing the Headline and understanding the intricacies of it. We at The Connectere focus on both. While The First Forum edition gives a brief about the headlines, The Weekly Analysis Edition is meant to educate the reader on what do various news mean and what are their intricacies. This initiative is meant to educate the reader on how to understand the important news. In the Eighth Edition we are covering the following news:
1. How Oil Crash impacts Sugar Prices?
2.RBI’s Covid-19 booster shot: Is it enough to rescue the Indian economy?
3. Government Changes FDI Policy in the wake of Coronavirus
4. Franklin Templeton to close six India funds hit by a coronavirus
5. The Giant Facebook-Jio Deal
6. Amidst the pandemic, the net worth of few Billionaires rising massively

By Shruti Jha, Nikunj Gulati and Kanika

Naveen Patnaik

The Political Masters of India- Naveen Patnaik

A fifty-something tall man with a lean frame walked up to the stage just after a senior leader of the Janta Dal who had worked closely with this man’s deceased father, the crowd of thousands at the rally for uniting anti-congress forces who were earlier throwing slippers and shoes toward the stage, joyously cheered for the man who had shed T-shirt and jeans for ‘safed’ kurta pajama. The Doon School educated son of Biju Baba was more fluent in English than Oriya or Hindi. Naveen Patnaik was an outsider to Odisha’s rich culture and its bumbling politics. 

The First Forum

The First Forum – Edition 27

The First Forum is an initiative which focuses on covering the latest happenings going around in the world in a brief format. This is in lieu with the importance of catching up with these events in this fast changing world.
In this Twenty Seventh Edition of The First Forum we would be covering the following:
1. Business
2. Economics
3. Finance

(By Ankita Punjani, Mehak Gupta and Divyansh Gupta)

spanish flu

The Spanish Flu 1920

I start by asking an intriguing question! What was the most disastrous event in World History that hit the first quarter of the 20th century? Rewind your life 3 months back and you would have unequivocally said that it was World War 1, obviously. But perceptions change with time. And I guess amidst this pandemic, many of us would think that the ‘Spanish Flu’ is a better answer to the above question. Well, I am not here to contest which was more disastrous out of the two, but if we are to define the disastrous-ness of something as the number of countries affected or the number of casualties, Spanish Flu wins this unfortunate race. 

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