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weekly analysis

The Weekly Analysis – Edition 4

There are two aspects to news. Knowing the Headline and understanding the intricacies of it. We at The Connectere focus on both. While The First Forum edition gives a brief about the headlines, The Weekly Analysis Edition is meant to educate the reader on what do various news mean and what are their intricacies. This initiative is meant to educate the reader on how to understand the important news. In the Fourth Edition we are covering the following news:

1. Why is Italy’s Coronavirus fatility rate so high?
2. Is it the end of Shaheen Bagh protest?
3. India locked down for 21 days to beat Corona
4. IPL profits to go for a six amidst COVID 19 pandemic?
5. Targetting fellow citizens from the Northeast is unacceptable
6. How is Covid-19 interfering with Geopolitics?
7. Capital Punishment – Not an answer to any crime

By Ankita, Divyansh and Mehak

Impact and evolution of Sci-fi movies

When Tony Stark introduced the Binarily Augmented Retroframing technology in Captain America: Civil War, the genius did mention that this method of “hijacking the hippocampus” to manipulate memories is not cost efficient and obviously it does not exist in reality. However, it got me thinking about the extent to which Augmented Reality can be used to manipulate our thoughts. Similarly, after watching The Matrix, the idea of being stuck in a dystopian world created by Virtual Reality was stuck in my mind for a good few days. There is hardly anyone who hasn’t considered the idea of time travelling even if they have not watched Back to The Future, The Time Machine, Hot Tub Time Machine or any other time travelling movies. Science fiction movies, popularly known as Sci-fi movies is possibly one of the most popular movie genres of all time.

The First Forum

The First Forum – Edition 19

The First Forum is an initiative which focuses on covering the latest happenings going around in the world in a brief format. This is in lieu with the importance of catching up with these events in this fast changing world.
In this Nineteenth Edition of The First Forum we would be covering the following:
1. Business
2. Economics
3. Finance

(By Gunika Vij, Somya Yadav and Manraj Uppal)

Impact of Cymatics on the Healthcare industry

In the beginning there was a “word” and the word was God…
Scientists of today believe that indeed the “word” could be a mysterious source of energy and was likely to be in the form of a sound energy. What makes them conclude this? The answer to this question lies in the branch of Science, that we call “Cymatics”.

Impact of Artificial Organs on Healthcare industry

An organ is a group of tissues doing the same function and are most commonly found in plant and animal life. An artificial organ is a human made organ device or tissue that is implanted into a human interfacing with living tissue in order to replace a natural organ, to duplicate a specific function or functions so the patient may live healthily.


The Connectere Podcast #12: Cryptocurrencies and India

The Connectere podcast is an initiative to bring forth innovative ideas and opinions of the youth forward via the digital medium. In this episode of the podcast, we have Sahib who talks about the recent developments regarding the regulatory environment of cryptocurrencies in India.

Here is the spotify link for the podcast –

Impact of Robotic Surgery on the Healthcare industry

We’re living in a world where technology has taken over, there is no sphere of humans’ life which has not been invaded by the latest technological developments. Throughout history, disease has been a subject of fear and fascination in equal measure. However, each revolutionary medical discovery has brought us a crucial step closer to understanding the complex mysteries of disease and medicine.

A History of Indians- Part 3: From where did indians originate?

Indians — their civilization, language, and religion — are the multilayered, composite product of many different sources, now mixed to produce the modern population.

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