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Kurds vs the Turks- Who’s got the upper hand?

One of the most disastrous and long-stretched battles going in the Middle-east is the Turks vs the Kurds. The Turks represent the republic of Turkey and the Kurds represent the Kurdish insurgent groups which from 15% to 20% of the population. It’s predominantly fought in the East and Southeast Turkey with spillovers in Northern Iraq and Northern Syria.

The Jio-Airtel Saga

Since 2016, Mukesh Ambani led Jio Infocomm. Ltd. has shaken the entire industry. Before the entry of Jio, consumers had to pay a hefty amount of Rs. 450-500 for every 1 GB of data. However, Jio brought in such a change, which would never have been expected by the beneficiaries of the telecom services.

GDP as a tool of Economic Misdirection: Moving to and fro on growth bar?

Are we really where we predicted? Or are we here because we overestimated? You, me or a few economists are not alone in thinking of GDP as a miscalculated benchmark for national economic well-being. Adjudged as one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century, it has long been a closely-watched tool for politicians, economists and journalists alike. But for nearly as long as GDP has been revered, it has faced strong criticism, too. That’s because it captures what economic historians call “somewhat arbitrary slice of reality.”

Is the E-Cigarettes ban Justified?

The cultivation of tobacco can be traced back to 600BC. As civilization played its role people went on to chewing tobacco and then started smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. Lately, a new concept of e-cigarettes has entered the current scenario. E-cigarettes are electronic, battery-operated, devices with the same fundamental concept as that of a regular cigarette.

Is Depreciation good for the Indian Economy?

At the time of independence of India, the dollar was at par with 3.30 INR; the exchange rate was 44.91 INR at the beginning of the century, and as of 18th November 2019, it is 72.62 INR. This shows that the rupee has depreciated enormously from the time of our independence, and recently the issue of depreciation has come under a lot of debate.

Minting Too Many Dollars With Too Less Cost

Everything’s a dollar! Candy – food, food – stationery, stationery – toothpaste, name it and they have it, all under a dollar. The Dollar Store, Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Costco; within every mile, near every gas station you can find a huge building with a dollar sign in some cases a 99 cents.

The infamous reality behind Uber rates

You often find people complaining about the poor condition of the public transport where an auto-rickshaw driver fits more than 8 people in the seat of 4, where people cry about the stinky smell from the passengers next to them in the crowded metro, where looking at the condition of vehicle one wonders if it was brought into use way back before independence. Every parent in their life has said this to their kids, “You don’t know the struggle we did to reach school, we used to cycle 5 kilometers every day. Life is very easy for you today.”

How to Recession Proof your Portfolio?

It is not an unfamiliar fact to the Indian citizens that the Indian economy is hitting a rough patch, with slipping GDP, interest rates, the collapse of the automobile and real estate sector, rising Non-Performing Assets (NPA’s) of the banks and sluggish consumer demand. With speculations of the arrival of a global recession, economic activity is at its minimum; investors are too cautious of giving away their hard-earned money to untrustworthy or potentially loss-making sources. Despite this prevailing suspicion, diversion of funds from surplus areas to reliable deficit areas becomes quintessential to pull the economy out of this downturn. But the question remains how?

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