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How Low can our interest rates go?

An economic slowdown in the country and successive repo rate cuts by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has made the headlines recently; as also the fact that this particular move has not yet been successful in boosting consumption demand. The GDP growth rate of the economy has fallen to 5% in the first quarter of FY20, the lowest in six years. This growth recession has been attributed to the recent collapse in the automobile industry, sluggish consumer demand, an increasing number of non-performing assets and failing manufacturing sector. And this decelerating growth had clearly been anticipated by the authorities as well, which is why there have been 4 interest rate cuts since February this year.

The two Forces of Good – Science vs Religion

Modern science has surely been the most impressive intellectual development since the 16th century. Religion, of course, has been around for much longer, and is presently flourishing, perhaps as never before. True, there is this thesis of secularism, according to which science and technology, on one hand, and religion, on the other, are inversely related: as the former waxes, the latter wanes. Recent resurgences of religion and religious belief in many parts of the world, however, cast considerable doubt on this thesis. Thus, the relation between these two great cultural forces has been exciting, many-faceted, and confusing.

The Deep Discounting Debacle

Whoever said everything good in life comes with a hefty price tag, surely turned a blind eye towards the Indian food-tech industry of the present times. Bringing content smiles and full tummies to millions of foodies each day with their bulky discount schemes and customer referral programs, food aggregators in the country did carve a space for themselves in the limelight over the past couple of years. But, as the dread of the #logout campaign looms over these online food delivery platforms, it leads one to wonder, at what note will the story finally end or, is this just the start of something even greater to come?

Does the criteria of ‘minimum educational qualification’ hit the doors of politicians?

I starkly remember how the Home Minister of Karnataka, KJ George, stirred a controversy when he insensitively redefined the meaning of rape “90% rape cases are consensual,” he was quoted saying as reported by Press Trust of India. It is not the first time an Indian politician has said something so insensitive. Sometimes they make you doubt their sanity; at other times they make you laugh and cry. But there are times when these statements make up for global news paving a downward way for India’s political standards.

We have interlocked ourselves into unending debates pertaining to the minimum education bar. Socrates, the pioneering philosopher from Greece had an aversion for democracy for a simple reason: If irrational people represent our country, consequently they will select a series of unscholarly leaders.

Time to look beyond iPhone

An innovator, a creator and a leader- Apple Inc., has revolutionized the modern world with its cards by betting a major bluff in 2007 by introducing the world with the new era of a mobile handset, – “iPhone.” It wouldn’t be wrong to say that from the past 10 years, it is not any other segment but iPhone that has single-handedly driven the path for Apple Inc. so as to become the leader in this sphere. But its shadow has more or less faded making everyone concerned about the next big move by the company?

Is she better off Dead than left Raped?

Shayad Behtar Hota agar Marr hi jati “, said her favorite aunt from the neighborhood.

About 92 women are raped in India every day, the criminal act still remaining a stigma in our society. As if the entire experience wasn’t traumatic enough for her, they don’t forget to remind her day in and day out about how ‘impure’ her body has become, she hadn’t even absorbed what had happened yet, they couldn’t stop themselves from blaming her for it.

RBI v/s the Centre: The Conclusion

The transfer of Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) surplus to the government is a routine matter, in accordance with Section 47 of the RBI Act, 1934. Every year, after the finalisation of the accounts of the RBI, the excess of its income over expenditure is transferred to the Central government. Normally, an estimate is decided informally between the RBI and the government and is mentioned in the Budget estimate. So, if the surplus fund transfer is an annual exercise, why is it that it is making the headlines this year?

USA-China-Russia strategic triangle- A historical view and future predictions

The USA-China-Russia strategic triangle has been an equation of unparalleled geopolitical importance in the last 70 years. Within that time, it is hard to pinpoint a major global event where at least one of these countries did not play a significant role. In fact, it is fair to claim that after the Second World War only these three countries have possessed the necessary political and economic clout essential for exerting a sizeable influence anywhere in the world. The present-day geopolitical scenario, which is riddled with stark polarization as a result of the onset of right-wing governments, is largely dependent on the dynamics created by this strategic triangle.

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