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“Never Say Never” – Can the world witness another World War?

“An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind”

A quote like this is now more relevant than ever considering that we are part of a world with nuclear technology and weapons. We live in an age of nuclear technology where the strength of a nation is not measured by the army or the defense system it possesses, but simply by the number of nuclear warheads a country owns. Because of the powers of these weapons and their devastating impact, all the countries have somehow ended up being part of a race to gather and develop nuclear weapons before others. But the irony lies in the fact that these weapons of mass destruction (WMDs), have actually helped in promoting world peace and preventing wars. The rise of nuclear is the major reason, along with some

Was it actually the subprime crises that led to the Global Financial Crises?

What are the first images that come to your mind when you hear about the Global Financial Crises? Probably you would visualise people roaming around the streets unemployed, financial institutions destroyed and people in queues demanding their money back. If you have a little knowledge about this you might also see a house wrapped around in a bubble just about to fall. To put forward a further question, I ask you what caused the Financial Crises?

No thanks, we are not for sale!

Greenland is the world’s largest island whose natural beauty is breathtaking. It is an autonomous Danish dependent territory with limited self-government and its own parliament, the capital city as Nuuk. Greenland government expanded its Self Rule the year 2009. Before that, it was a part of Denmark since 1953. Although Greenland is geographically a part of the North American continent, it has been politically and culturally associated with Europe for about a millennium.

DRONES: The next big deleterious thing the world would witness

Every day we hear people saying that the third world war will be fought for water or cause of food but one major aspect which most of us ignored is that what shall be the new warfare weapons that are going to be used? This weapon is Drone swarm technology.

India’s law makers are too often law breakers as well

Why does a ‘clean politician’ sound like an oxymoron in modern day Indian polity? Why is crime and politics so interwoven that Indian law makers are too often law breakers as well? Probably this is one of the most difficult questions that India, known to be the largest democracy in the world, faces today.

Is death the price of Success? The case for PE investors and VG Siddhartha of Café Coffee Day

On a scale of 1-10, how much would you like to be in the news for having raised $XX Million for your company? If you’re anything like me, who likes the idea of entrepreneurship and business, you would’ve said 11.

But there’s always a flip side to the story. Behind all the glamorous photos and astronomical funding figures, is the burden and responsibility on the head of the Founders to deliver fabulous returns to the investors. Sure, we get all the news about the huge funding rounds that nascent start ups get. However, what is not reported, is the death and failure of a lot of such companies (90% of new start-ups fail, according to a report by IBM Institute for Business Value and Oxford Economics).

Not all stories end on a happy note: A self narrated story of Reliance Communication

Born in the family of Ambanis, under the vision of a pioneer like Dhirubhai Ambani who had built the empire from scratch, I naturally had the bars set high for myself. I was a minuscule part of this humongous business entity that had become a darling of investors and apparently had the power to change leaders of the nation. The person who conceived me in his mind passed away even before seeing me grow in July 2002. But he passed on me as his dream to his two sons who were usually called Ram-Lakshman of the corporate world.

Mutual Funds – Looking beyond traditional investments

“All Mutual Funds are subject to market risks, and read all schemes related to documents carefully.” Undoubtedly, every individual reading this article must have seen or heard this disclaimer before. A quite obvious line as nothing comes at free of cost. But a careful and systematic planning can make something out of nothing. Before we proceed further, we must understand that what do we mean of Mutual Funds and how is it mobilising the funds within the capital market?

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