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Why Increasing the Retirement Age might be a good step?

The 21st century is full of surprises, the rising population thought of as the biggest liability in the 1900s and the early 2000s has suddenly been looked upon as the need of the hour. With the coinage of the term Demographic Dividend, countries are becoming extremely worried about the rising old age population. To better understand the problems associated, one needs to look at and understand that how does any economy in general works. An economy is generally run by its working-class population

Story of an Entitled Family

From landslide victory to getting sidelined, from leading the United Progressive Alliance to splitting into two due to an internal conflict, the Indian National Congress has been through all the phases. And now in 2019 as the party stands on the crucial point of deciding who will be the next party president, it is important for party leaders to look back and learn from the experiences. As the historic event of the split of Congress in 1969 completes its 50 years, refreshing its memory becomes imperative because this event marked the conversion of a national party entirely into a family entity by Indira Gandhi. Although it is a very common phenomenon in the Indian political system, from SP and TMC in north and east respectively to DMK in the south that politics and bloodline remain closely related.

Shia VS Sunni: The Great Divide

The quote “Religion is never the problem; it’s the people who use it to gain power” rightly sums up the significance of crusades in our historical medieval period. It is been believed since ages that religious intolerance and wars have played an increasingly significant role in the conflicts across nations. The Middle East is one of the nations which has always been controversial

Artificial Intelligence: Strengthening the Next Gen Economies

The year is 2040. As I enter the “Honda Showroom” to buy my third bike, I encounter “Alexa” at the receiving end. “Welcome to Honda”, Alexa greets in her mechanical voice.
It takes her a second to analyse my face image through the facial recognition system fitted in her metallic eyes. Within few moments of studying my interests, my past buying trends, my web search history, etc. through the intelligent Big Data Analytics software, I was shown the most relevant options I was exactly having in mind the moment I visited the showroom.
Having bought the latest Honda “GenX 250” model, I left the showroom with my latest purchase automatically becoming a part of the dataset of Alexa’s smart software.

Report on Big Data and Usage of Predictive Analytics

The advancement in technology and the introduction of new technological processes have made the human’s life much simpler than ever. From inventing the computer to complex uses of Artificial Intelligence, we have transformed in a desirable sense. Today, the development of Artificial Intelligence has led the different sectors of any economy to utilise big data analytics for making various inferences about the probable happenings in the future and base their policies accordingly.

Eco-Technology- Making Society Work for Nature

Out and About

Environmental problems have arisen primarily because of inappropriate decisions and a lack of understanding of the impact of these decisions upon the environment. An integrated process was required to build value relation between humans and their surroundings. Ecological engineering or eco-technology is an example of such an integrated approach. Though it sounds somewhat science fiction, eco-technology is a very real option and modern. It operates within the borders of the ecosystem rather than flouting or disregarding or overcoming or overpowering it.


Is Uzbekistan missing out on the “gold”en opportunity ?

Uzbekistan is one of the lesser-known countries of Central Asia. This ancient country which was once retiring place for traders passing through the historic silk route houses a living museum called the walled city of Khiva which is protected by UNESCO and also inhabited by Uzbek citizens. Its Mosuleums have been painstakingly restored to their original beauty. But as the political upturn took place in 2016 with Shavkat Mirzoyeyev becoming the President who envisages new reforms that will modernize the Uzbek economy, the country is soon to get a new identity distinct from its well-preserved heritage.

Why is the U.S. funding Pakistan for so many years ?

“No more funding to Pakistan” – was the US President Donald Trump’s first tweet on New Year’s Day, which clearly sets the priority of US to fightback terrorism and to support India in all stance to counter terrorism. He did highlight the fact that almost 33 billion dollars were given away during the last 15 years in return for nothing but lies and decent. But the question emerges is that why was the US, a country thousands of miles away funding Pakistan for all these years and what changed?

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