The First Forum is an initiative which focuses on covering the latest happenings in a brief format. This is in lieu with the importance of knowledge about current happenings in this fast changing world.
In the Twelfth Edition of The First Forum we would be covering the following:
1. Politics
2. Society and Culture 
3. Science and Technology

(By Ankita Punjani, Divyansh Gupta, Mehak Gupta)


Both Houses adjourned after ruckus over Delhi violence
Repeated adjournments in both Houses on Monday and rancorous scenes in the Lok Sabha, where a scuffle broke out between the treasury and Opposition benches, over the recent communal violence that rocked northeast Delhi marked proceedings of the first day of the reconvened budget session of Parliament. Read MoreThe Opposition parties are demanding home minister Amit Shah’s resignation because of the violence and the inability of the Delhi Police to control the clashes that continued for three days. Opposition parties demanded a discussion on the issue, but both the Lok Sabha speaker and the Rajya Sabha chairman rejected the demand. Both Houses were eventually adjourned for the day.

Israel Holds 3rd Unprecedented Election in Less Than A Year
Israelis on Monday voted in the country’s unprecedented third election in less than a year to decide whether longtime Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stays in power despite his upcoming criminal trial on corruption charges. Both of the previous two elections ended in stalemate. Read MoreNetanyahu, the longest-serving leader in Israeli history, has been the caretaker prime minister for more than a year as a divided Israel has weathered two inconclusive elections and a prolonged political paralysis. With opinion polls forecasting another deadlock, Netanyahu is seeking a late surge in support to score a parliamentary majority along with other nationalist parties that will deliver him a fourth consecutive term in office, and fifth overall

India summons Iranian envoy over comments by Iran’s foreign minister on Delhi riots
India summoned Iranian Ambassador Ali Chegeni and lodged a strong protest with him over the comments made by Iran’s foreign minister Javad Zarif over violence in Delhi. Iranian envoy was conveyed that Zarif commented on a matter which is purely internal to India. Read MoreIn a tweet on Monday, Zarif said,” Iran condemns the wave of organised violence against Indian Muslims.” At least 47 people were killed and over 200 injured in the communal violence that broke out in north-east Delhi on February 24 between groups supporting and opposing the contentious Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA)

SC dismisses plea of Devendra Fadnavis seeking review of 2019 verdict
In a setback to former Maharashtra chief minister Devendra Fadnavis, the Supreme Court dismissed his plea seeking review of its 2019 verdict asking him to face trial for allegedly failing to furnish details of two pending criminal cases against him in his 2014 poll affidavit. Read MoreThe case was first registered in 2014 when Bombay High Court lawyer Satish Ukey filed a complaint alleging that Fadnavis had failed to disclose details of two criminal cases pending against him in his election affidavit. A three-judge bench headed by Justice Arun Mishra, comprising Justices Deepak Gupta and Aniruddha Bose said that there is no ground to review the last year’s verdict.

Society and Culture

Huntington’s ruling on doctors’ : Duty to tell patient’s family
Doctors treating individuals with serious ailments owe a legal duty of care not just to their patients but to third parties associated with the people they are treating. That is the key implication of a high court ruling in the United Kingdom last week in the case of a woman who had sued doctors because they failed to tell her about her father’s fatal hereditary disease, Huntington’s, before she had her own child. Read MoreHad she known of the risks involved, she would have terminated the pregnancy, she argued. She lost the case however this legal proceeding has been established. Huntington’s is caused by a mutant gene inherited from a parent with symptoms – stumbling, depression and involuntary jerking of limbs.

Peshawar Mosque doors open for women after 25 years
Women in Peshawar will be able to offer Friday prayers in congregation after a 25-year hiatus as the law and order situation in the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province has improved significantly following the launch of successful military operations, a media report said. Read MoreUntil the mid-1990s, women would offer Friday prayers in congregation at Sunehri Masjid (Golden Mosque) situated in the Peshawar cantonment but the practice was abandoned after terrorism badly hit the provincial capital, The Express Tribune said in the report on Saturday. Dozens of terrorist attacks took place near the mosque which led to its closure for women almost 25 years ago.

PM’s Social Media Accounts to Be “Taken Over” By Women
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has shed light on his mystery announcement that indicated that he might log off from social media on coming Sunday. The announcement had led to much anguish among his supporters and in no time, the hashtag “#NoSir” became a top Twitter trend. Read MoreThe Prime Minister later revealed that on March 8, on the occasion of Women’s Day, he would hand over his social media accounts “to women whose life, work inspire us”. PM Modi is one of the most-followed political leaders on social media, who takes it as a means of connecting directly with the people. 

UN High Commissioner files intervention plea in Supreme Court on CAA
In an unprecedented move, the United Nations Commissioner for Human Rights has moved an intervention application in the Supreme Court on the Citizenship Amendment Act matter. The UN High Commissioner for Human Rights informed India’s Permanent Mission in Geneva informed that it had filed the intervention application. Read MoreMinistry of External Affairs of India, reacting to the move by the UNHRC, states that The Citizenship Amendment Act is an internal matter of India and concerns the sovereign right of the Indian Parliament to make laws. No foreign party has any locus standi on issues pertaining to India’s sovereignty. The Supreme Court is currently hearing petitions against the amended Citizenship Act.

Science and Technology

Scientists Discover the Biggest Explosion seen in Universe since the Big Bang
The blast came from a supermassive black hole at the centre of a galaxy hundreds of millions of light-years away in the Ophiuchus galaxy cluster, about 390 million light-years from Earth. Professor Melanie Johnston-Hollitt, from the Curtin University said that it was extraordinarily massive but the reason why it was so big is unknown. Read MoreIt produced 5 times more energy than the previous record holder. It took place slowly like an explosion in slow motion over hundreds of millions of years but was so powerful that it punched a cavity in the cluster plasma — the super-hot gas surrounding the black hole.

Coronavirus could become a seasonal infection that returns every year
The coronavirus could become an infection that never goes away and causes seasonal outbreaks of illness, according to scientists. Countries around the world are in the grip of the first ever epidemics of the virus, which has infected around 90,000 people and killed more than 3,000. Read MoreWhile the number of cases in South Korea, Italy and Iran continue to soar, the spread of the infection is beginning to come under control in China. But scientists now say the coronavirus may never go away completely and that it could become a perennial illness and cannot be cured as people often don’t develop immunity to it because they change so often.

17 New Planets Including Habitable Earth-Sized World Discovered
University of British Columbia (UBC) Astronomy Student Michelle Kunimoto has discovered 17 new planets, including a potentially habitable, Earth-sized world, by combing through data gathered by NASA’s Kepler mission. Over its original four-year mission, the Kepler satellite looked for planets, especially those that lie in the “habitable zones” of their stars, where liquid water could exist on a rocky planet’s surface. Read MoreThe new finding, published in The Astronomical Journal, include one such particularly rare planet. Officially named KIC-7340288 b, the planet discovered by Michelle Kunimoto is just one and a half times the size of Earth and in the habitable zone of its star. Michelle Kunimoto also collaborated with UBC alumnus Henry Ngo to obtain razor-sharp follow-up images of some of her planet-hosting stars with the Near InfraRed Imager and Spectrometer (NIRI) on the Gemini North 8-metre telescope in Hawaii. In addition to the new planets, Michelle Kunimoto was able to observe thousands of known Kepler planets using the transit method and will be re-analysing the exoplanet census as a whole

Annual physics conference canceled at the last minute due to Coronavirus fears
One of the world’s largest and most important annual physics conferences was canceled this weekend due to COVID-19 coronavirus fears, less than a day and a half before the event was supposed to begin. The American Physical Society (APS) March meeting was scheduled to take place in Denver between Monday (March 2) and Friday (March 6). Read MoreTogether with the organization’s annual April meeting, the March gathering is one of the most important annual physics events, with talks and presentations covering nearly all of physics. The event also attracts thousands of guests from all over the world. On Saturday evening (Feb. 29), the organization announced that the conference would not be taking place and asked participants not to travel to Denver.

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